How To Be Parisian, Where Ever You Are

I've seen the book How To Be Parisian many times dotted online and I have always been intrigued it as I am a huge lover of Paris, the style, the people, the food...the list goes on. So when I spotted it in Waterstones and had a flick through, I instantly decided I had to get it...not in Waterstones though, I immediately opened up Amazon and ordered it for £5 cheaper.

Let's talk about the book itself. It' simple, it's modern, it's white and black, thick and classic.

It's the perfect book for your coffee table. One you always want on display, to share to your friends over for a cup of tea or to have at hand to flick through when you want a little inspiration.

The book is separated into four chapters:

1. Get The Basics
2. Own Your Bad Habits
3. Cultivate Your Allure
4. Dare To Love
5. Parisian Tips

It's important to point out that this book is written by four Parisian women, clearly all very attractive inside and out, chic as f*** and utterly mysterious. Everything you want in a Parisian woman.

The writing is comedic, straight to the point and an incredible read. The book is filled with bullet points, sketches, stories, photographs, lists, recipes and laughter. It was obvious these women had such a wonderful time planning and writing such a chic, witty and enjoyable book. If only I could follow all of these pointers, maybe then I could be the perfect woman...

Let me know if you have read this unique book, I'd love to hear your thoughts,

Hannah x


  1. I've seen this book everywhere especially on Instagram. It's the perfect coffee table book mine still hasn't turned up though and after reading your post I'm even more excited to read it!
    Lisa x

  2. I loved this book! The photographs were stunning and I really liked the way it was written.

    xo, Liz

  3. This sounds like my kinda book, and god bless amazon for being so much cheaper! I might put it on my TBR pile xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Haha I want to put this on my coffee table now :P

    Meme xx

    New post:
    'Magic Is Everywhere'

  5. Love a good coffee table book! I want this so bad, great idea to look on Amazon

  6. After finishing #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso this is the next one on my reading list :) Thanks for reminding me! ;)

    x Stefanie

  7. lovely post and a lovely little blog you have here - really glad I stumbled across it!
    Eilidh xoxo

  8. I have thought about reading it for a long time but never been sure that it is worth the time and money! is it good or just okay? :)


  9. omg that girl on the book cover reminds me of The Lovecat's Inc on Bloglovin :)


  10. I love this book, looks so pretty on my shelf too :)


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