Olivia Burton London: Big Dial Watch

This year I have definitely fallen in love with the vintage Olivia Burton designs, from The Woodland Collection to the classic looking Big Dial watches. My boyfriend like the cherub he is gave me the Big Dial Black and Gold watch for my 21st Birthday and is pretty darn dreamy. It came in a lovely simple boxed packaging - looks pretty spesh on display.

However there was a problem! When I received it unfortunately part of the gold plating off one of the roman numerals had worn away leaving a grey mark, it wasn't hugely noticeable but once I realised it was a real shame. My boyfriend bought it from The Watch Shop and it took over three months for a new watch to be delivered to me - this is why this post is so late! This was quite a disappointment, and it does make my question the quality of the watches, although it is looking quite beautiful for now.

The Big Dial watch has a lovely gold plated case with gold roman numerals - I love the modern and vintage mixture. The gold detail and black leather strap compliment well - I was swaying towards the rose gold plated case, although I feel this could become a little outdated and the gold makes the watch feel timeless - an accessory which should last me a lifetime. It's very classic, and perfect for special nights out or the perfect accessory for adding some elegance to your outfit for a meal or even a day shopping.

It has a very large dial, hence the name! As I have tiny wrists this was a concern, but I love the overall look it gives, it really is a statement piece and that's why I keep it for more dressed up events or when I want to add some focus on a simple outfit.

You may have seen a previous post on a review on the Daniel Wellington Classy Bristol Watch*. I adore both watches, but if you are after a more dainty everyday watch this could be the one for you. 

Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch - £75

Daniel Wellington Classy Bristol Watch - £119

Are there any collections or types of watches you sway towards? Let me know in the comments.

Hannah x


  1. I actually love them both, such gorgeous watches I want one! x http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I love Olivia Burton watches, they are absolutely gorgeous. My sister has one and it makes me so jealous x


  3. These watches have been on my wish list for quite some time, there just so pretty! haha x



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