North America Tour #2: Camping Travel Essentials

Hey! I thought I would carry on my travel series and have a chat about my travel essentials during my North America Tour. Hopefully it will be helpful for those struggling to know what to take or leave behind for your next big trip.

Lightproof waterproof rain coat

Honestly, I booked this tour expecting sun - blazing sun. How wrong was I, we stepped into New York with pouring rain. Luckily it grew warmer into the West of America, although the first half of our trip consisted of a lot of packing away wet tents and crying under a hood. Ok, we weren't really crying - this was still a trip of a life time and it wasn't going to stop us having a whale of a time! Some of the group even set up a Slip N Slide! So don't forget a rain coat, it may end up being your best friend on the trip even if the temperature is warm.

2 - 3 season sleeping bag

Most trips advise that you bring a 4 season sleeping bag, but if you are camping in North America during the summer most of the time it will be warm. So don't spend more than you have to, grab a 2-3 season sleeping bag and you'll be good to go.

Head torch

If you are camping, I would strongly recommend a head torch. I picked one up from Wilkinsons for a few quid. It was such a life saver for walking to the bathroom and having to find your way back to your tent after you have had a few beers and the fire has gone out!

Insect repellant

For the first week of the trip I thought I was super human. I was the only one without any bites, it was wonderful. Week two came and my legs looked like I had some kind of disease. Those things are little pains in my butt. Literally. Snap up some insect repellant, but let's face it they will always find a way to get you some how!

Flip flops and trainers

Flip flops are perfect for wondering around towns, browsing in shops and of course keeping away from those dark hairs in the public showers...I also didn't bring along hiking shoes, I found that my Nike Free Runs were ideal for small hikes and walking around cities.


Every night I wrote bullet points about my day. If you are visiting a lot of places in a small amount of time it can get confusing which day you did what, so looking back is great to reminisce and remember. You could even stick them into a scrap book when you are home!

Portable charger

I almost didn't buy one before my trip but damn I'm glad I did! I bought an Anker charger for around £12 on Amazon and it worked a dream. Have a browse for the best one for you, but it saved my dying phone throughout the trip!

Water bottle

A water bottle will definitely save you from buying bottles of water throughout your trip. Luckily America has a lot of water fountains at public restrooms, keep hydrated and drink as much as you can!

Travel pillow

Your travel pillow will be your baby! I bought a tiny one at Mountain Warehouse and it tucked perfectly into my sleeping bag hood. It is also great for travelling to your next destination for a little extra comfort.

One pair of jeans

I went for a month and found that all I needed was one pair of jeans rather than the two I brought! Also keep your amount of clothes to a minimal, you really won't need to cram as much as you think you will need! There are plenty of chances to wash your clothes, as many campsites have laundry facilities. 

Let me know what your essentials are for travelling!

Hannah x


  1. I read this even though I'm not going camping in North America any time soon, and it made me even more itchy to travel! All great tips though! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. handy tips for for most holidays, xx

  2. I've only ever camped for one night in my whole life but I think it's safe to say I won't be doing it again haha! But a notebook is a good idea for any holiday, it's fab to be able to look back on the memories :) x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Oh wow what a great trip, I really want to go to America, hopefully one day! I need to go camping again, I love enjoying the natural world! And sleeping in a tent is so fun!

    Meme xx

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