Ten Things To Expect When You Come To Cornwall

1. Expect it to be quiet and blissful during the months of October to May but anywhere between that where the sun is featured, it is a hell hole of tourists and men with socks and sandals.

2. Expect to have your ice cream/chips/pasty taken straight from the palms of your hands and into a mouth of a angry old sea gull (uhhh).

3. Expect to be stuck behind a tractor for at least twelve minutes of your day, it happens. A lot.

4.  Expect a delicious pasty from Rowes, but not from Philps - never from Philps.

5. Expect to hear the words, dreckly and proper job but other than that we do not sound anything like the characters from Poldark.

6. Expect beautiful beaches, and deep cliff edges because Cornwall is darn lovely place to place your feet.

7. Expect the jam to go on before the cream, so if you're from Devon you''ll have to put up and shut up. 

8. Expect rain - but of course that is expected.

9. Expect your car to have a few scratches by the end of your trip, our country lanes aren't for the faint hearted. And Cornish folk certainly won't be your mate with a big old Land Rover.

10. Expect some towns not to have a Boots or a New Look. So when you are after that moisturiser you heard about, expect to be travelling thirty minutes until you find yourself at the nearest Boots.


  1. Substitute 'Devon' for 'Cornwall' and obviously cream before jam and you've got a post I've got scheduled for next week! Life in the Westcountry eh? Proper job.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Haha! This is pretty perfect...except number 4)!! I love Rowes AND Philps - dude how can you not like Philps Dx



  3. Haha I'd love to visit Cornwall. Don't worry though, I wont be wearing socks and sandals if I visit haha


  4. I go to Newquay every year absolutely love it! I went in May this time unfortunately lots of rain. X

  5. Haha I sort of want to be one of those tourists in August but you're making me want to wait until October to visit now! I really want to see Cornwall though, I've heard it's beautiful down there (and if a Poldark lookalike happens to stumble in my path, I'd be fine with it) :)

  6. I have never been to cornwall before but would really love to someday! x http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Cornwall is actually one of my favourite places in the UK, it's so beautiful. I wish I lived nearer. I'm from Hertfordshire and everyone round here puts on the jam before the cream - anything else is just weird haha x



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