Chicago and Coffee: North America Tour #5

I'm kicking myself while I write this, why on earth did I not take more/decent photos of Chicago! This was one of my favourite cities during the tour, maybe I was just overwhelmed by the place that I forgot to take out my damn camera!

Chicago just makes me think of coffee, there were so many coffee shops and so many people you just look at and think, yeah you are fricking cool. What a city to live in, it was just so chilled for a city and had such a laid back atmosphere, in fact I could have happily stayed in Starbucks for the rest of the day and watched Chicago do it's thing through the window.

Our first day consisted of wandering around and taking in the city. In the evening our group headed to a sushi restaurant, we ended up staying out until the early hours of the morning in a small little club with a jazz band playing. I thought we were looking rad as, apparently not because we ended up in a McDonalds outside our motel at 4am eating mayo chickens.

The next morning we scoffed our faces with a massive slice of pizza, we were in Chicago - we had to taste that world famous deep pan pizza! We then went for a long walk towards Cloud Gate, it was so much bigger than I was expecting. I just love the area it's in, full of modern art and towering sculptures, I think that is what makes Chicago so special. It's like no other city I have been to. Anyway, the bean. It was just so amazing because as you can see from the images, the bean reflects the towering buildings and I don't know it's just cool right? 

That night we felt we had to go to a baseball game. After hearing that these games can be long winded and a bit boring, I wasn't expecting much but I got into the swing of things. - I immediately ordered a hot dog and even bought myself a baseball tee. The game itself wasn't spectacular but at least I can say I've experienced it!  P.S: We were apparently supporting The Cubs. GO CUBS.

So that's basically it for Chicago, I hope I get to go back some day I'm sure there's so much more to discover. Do you know any Chicago gems?

Hannah x


  1. I would love to travel to Chicago, and the rest of America in general! Your photography is so beautiful

  2. I'm the same, I ALWAYS forget to take photos when I'm having a really good time! By the sounds of it you had an amazing time there!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Such a cute photo diary <3 I bet the deep dish pizza tasted ahhmazing!
    She Will Be

  4. Chicago looks amazing, i want to go so bad!

    Stay fabulous x

  5. Stunning photos, I would love to visit one day!

    Anika |

  6. seems like you had a blast xox

    Nique ||

  7. Great pictures - looks like you had a great time! x

    The Belle Narrative

  8. Have never been to Chicago but it looks great!

  9. Chicago looks amazing, I'd love to go there one day! x

    girl in albion | uk fashion blog

  10. I've been to the US many times; never in Chicago- time to include it in my plans!

  11. lovely travel photos, want to go now!

    check out my blog + follow too?

    Jess ♡

  12. Chicago is one of those places that I've always wanted to visit and your photos have reaffirmed that! I need to save up so I can take a trip to the US!
    Bethan Likes

  13. Sounds like you had an amazing time in Chicago - I would love to go there, I hope you get to go back sometime soon :) I always find that I'm wishing I took more photos. Always!
    Jas //


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