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My degree is complete and it's finally time to look for a full time job, oh why do we have to grow up? It only seemed right to share an interview outfit with you and share some inspiration. I'm sure you know how frustrating it is spending the majority of your day refreshing job sites in your pjs while drinking copious amounts of tea while Friends rolls on in the background. Days are extremely long, your friends are all working and getting on with their lives so you're left sat at home wondering; what am I doing with my life? But I think it's safe to say that what will be will be, as long as you stay committed there will be something that will come along and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Skinny black jeans and simplicity

Today I'm going to share with you a simple and stylish look which would suit most job sectors. In my opinion, smart black skinny jeans can create a more stylish approach compared to trousers and can be easily dressed up with a shirt and blazer. I would really recommend Topshop Jamie jeans; they fit like a dream, are long lasting and always look smart. I would also advise simple makeup, tidy hair and little perfume - simplicity can go a long way!

White shirt and being comfortable

The shirt featured is this simple Topshop Oversized Chambray Pocket Shirt at £30, I thought this was a great price for such a lovely style, soft material and a formal piece that you can wear to an interview or just out for the day. It’s such a wonderful piece to style for any occasion, and it’s not fitting so you can feel comfortable and at ease with meeting new people and you won’t feel so restricted. It’s so important you feel comfortable, because you don’t want to be sitting there screaming in your head I’M ABOUT TO POP.

Every wardrobe staple - blazer

A blazer speaks for itself really; it ultimately dresses up an entire outfit and makes it clear you mean business. It can look feminine, classy and is a staple piece to add to your office wardrobe. New Look have a number of blazers and formal pieces all at great prices, this blazer featured cost under £20 and is perfect for an interview or professional events.

The importance of shoes

Shoes are important, they complete an outfit and no doubt the interviewer will take a sneak peek at your footwear so make sure they are glad they did. I felt like my Chelsea Boots are the statement to this outfit, I always love love love wearing these - super comfy and I feel pretty badass. These Chelsea Boots are from Dune London at £71, quite expensive but definitely worth the investment. They are such amazing quality and make any outfit look 100 times more chic, meaning you are confident to rock the hell out of that interview. 

I hope this OOTD has given you a little inspiration, and good luck with those on the lookout for jobs!

Hannah x

This post is in collaboration with City Calling and all thoughts are my own.


  1. I love an oversized shirt! And the Chelsea boots are gorgeous, I definitely think a good pair of Chelsea boots are worth investing in x

    Martha Edwards |

  2. Great outfit, I love all of it! Definitely agree about the Jamie Jeans, I live in mine they fit so well! x

    Bethan Likes

  3. Lovely photographs, and a really smart but chic interview look
    Best of luck with the job search!]

  4. Definitely my kind of outfit! I can see myself wearing this for an interview or even every day, haha!

  5. really lovely, put together look, I love it!


  6. Love the jacket!

  7. Those boots are amazing!!

    xo, Liz

  8. Love this look, it's simple yet really pulled together and neat. I'd wear this to an interview but also just on a day to day basis as well!

  9. I love your look very chic :)

  10. This outfit is so simple but lovely! I swear by Topshop Joni jeans but these look like a really nice fit so I'll have to try some on :)

    Claire | | xx

  11. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. I have to admit when I went for my current job I wanted to wow them with my interview outfit, it really does count for a lot!
    Bee |

  12. Congratulations on finishing your degree! Hope that the job search goes well! You definitely have the interview outfit down! Looking incredible and I could not agree more with your choices and reasons for them!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  13. I love this shirt! I've been eyeing it up for a while and it looks stunning on you! Congrats on completing your degree and good luck with interviews! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  14. Oooh, I love love LOVE this! Simple but comfortable but stylish and sooo cute! Congrats on your degree and with this outfit, you can get ALL THE JOBS! Hahaha

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  15. Aww you're so pretty! Perfect interview outfit and I love the shoes especially. I really want a pair. I'm not sure I want a job related to my degree anymore. It's too stressful haha. I'm sure something will pop up sooner or later. Just enjoy your time off!

  16. Love that blazer and those shoes are perfect with it!

    Kristyn Cole | Contrast of Effect | IG

  17. loving the photos and those boots! x

  18. That's a fabulous shirt! I definitely agree comfort is key when interviewing. Love your boots too! Good luck with the job hunt! xxx

  19. I really like your pictures!! Love your shirt and shoes very much!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  20. You look fab, I love the shirt. I recently graduated from uni as well, finding a job is so hard!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Alice and congrats with graduating. I know!

  21. This outfit is amazing! Professional with a casual edge :)

  22. This is such a lovely interview outfit and I'd definitely wear it. Love how you paired the classic white shirt with a casual blazer and skinny jeans. Looks great! x

    Renata | Diorshow Mascara Giveaway


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