Lush: Cup O' Coffee & The Comforter Review

Yep sorry - yet another LUSH post! I was kind of having a bad day, feeling a little down and overwhelmed as something I was looking forward to and worked really hard for turned out to be an utter waste of time. So what do we do in these situations? That's right, we shop and obviously I just so happened to stumble into Lush. It's the perfect place for those stressful moments in life and it's comforting to know that a bath bomb or a sensual body cream is going to make things that little bit better. I wondered in and I knew I was going to be greeted by one of the quirky and wonderful employees at my local store, she showed me all the new releases and let me try out a few bits and bobs, I instantly felt so much better! I tried out the Life's a Beach body scrub powder and it was so so heavenly and smelt like vanilla, it felt amazing on my skin, the smell was just divine and I am so sad that I didn't take that one home with me. After browsing, sniffing multiple times and finally coming to a decision I picked up the Cup O' Coffee face mask and The Comforter shower cream.

Cup O' Coffee: £6.50 - £12

I'm just going to say it; if you are not a fan of coffee don't go near this stuff. But if you are a coffee fanatic like myself, jump right in, smear it all over yourself and get straight up excited. There was no way I was going to walk out of Lush without this stuff. It smells exactly like sticking your head into a coffee bag (dreamy huh) and it has a hint of chocolate due to the cocoa extract ooo yeah. The consistency is really thick and rough, perfect for wanting exfoliated skin and feeling stimulated and awake for the day ahead. I've used this multiple times now, and it just leaves my skin feeling silky soft and energised. One down side though is like any face mask - I have had a massive break out gah! I won't be stopping using it though that's for sure, it's waaaay too addictive and what's even better it's self-preserving unlike a lot of Lush's face masks!

Comforter Shower Cream AKA Snug Berry Hug: £4.75 - £27.50

This scent of blackcurrants and basically childhood is just so comforting - they hit that nail on the head. I have been trying to savour every last drop of this beautiful shimmery shower cream, it feels wonderful in the shower and you are left smelling like unicorns and rainbows for hours afterwards, yep that's right unicorns and rainbows. It has quite a runny consistency to it which I wasn't expecting, so it does almost feel like you could be wasting some while showering but you cannot deny it leaves you feeling super relaxed and it has made me incredibly eager to run back and try the bubble bar asap! I bought the 250g bottle for £9.50 as a treat as I wouldn't usually fork out this much for a shower gel, but I was after something I could use on a daily basis as a pick me up and something to look forward to in the evenings and it's just the perfect treat.

Have you tried any of the new products in Lush lately? Let me know your thoughts below!

Hannah x


  1. I love Lush!! The Comforter shower gel sounds amazing, I'll have to get my hands on it, and I haven't even tried the Comforter product yet, Ah I really need to go to Lush soon!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. The Comforter Cream sounds like a lovely shower gel!

    Lucy |

  3. I want to get my hands on the comforter shower gel so much! xo

    Emily |

  4. I need Cup O' Coffee! It sounds right up my street. I'm glad it is self preserving too as I always end up having to throw all mine out before I get half way through the pot

  5. Really want that Comforter cream to come to Australia, the smell alone I'm sure is amazing!

  6. Oh wow, these both sound amazing, hope they are in the NZ lush, if so will have to pay a visit on payday!

  7. Both of these are currently on my wishlist, so I'm glad to hear positive reviews for both!

    xo, Liz

  8. I almost bought that face and body mask last time I went there but ended up getting some fit scrub instead. Definitely need to go in there again soon and try these! x

  9. I don't particularly like the taste of coffee but I am obsessed with the smell - I need that face mask!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  10. I need to get my hands on some lush products :( like now

    Nique ||


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