Wish List: Gemporia

It's not Christmas if there's no sparkle! So today I'm sharing with you a few of my favourite pieces of beautiful jewellery from Gemporia. If you're after a little addition to your wardrobe; something simple and delicate or something a little more fabulous, this is a contender! These gorgeous pieces are made with gentle care, created with genuine gemstones and precious metals with original designs.

My love for jewellery has really grown recently, and I've been searching for special places to get my hands on more! Pandora is one I adore, having a whole range of simple and clean cut designs. If I want something a little more of a statement piece that I won't wear too regularly, I'll head to Topshop. Now that I've come across Gemporia, this is certainly another jewellery store to add to my list due to their range of styles and high quality pieces to choose from.

What I love about Gemporia is that they work closely with The Colourful Life Foundation, aiding communities where these gemstones are found, educating and supporting them so they can grow too. It's always so great to hear when a business gives something back.

Personally, I love simple designs. The nude colours are so elegant. I'm especially in love with the necklace, so unique and would make the perfect present for someone special this Christmas. Also the emerald green tones in the statement ring and bracelet are such a beautiful element to these designs. Stunning jewellery and relatively affordable, what's not to love? If you're struggling for a present this year, this could be the one to turn to!

What piece do you have your eye on?

Hannah x

*This post is in collaboration with Gemporia.


  1. Gemporia is an absolutely beautiful site, I love the ring and the silver bracelet is gorgeous <3 xxx


    1. It really is! Filled with beautiful pieces!

  2. These are all so lovely! I adore the first ring! The colours are stunning!
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  3. Such a beautiful jewelry, i especially love the ring xoxox


  4. Damn I saw the White Topaz earrings and I was like dat looks good then I saw the price and my eyes went O_O haha I love jewels and can't stay away, unfortunately I spent all my money recently on furniture for the new house haha!

    Cherie / sinonym

  5. I really love these pieces and the way the use nude tones, I think it's so classic! I love the earrings (number 2) - I have a thing for triangles at the moment! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  6. I love simple designs as well, the third necklace in particular looks really lovely. I think it would look beautiful paired with just a simple top to add a little something something.


  7. number 2, the earnings, and SO cute!!


  8. These are really very lovely. I love how delicate and elegant these all are!


  9. These pieces are so lovely! I definitely need to get some of them xo


  10. I haven't come across this brand before but the ring is stunning and so unique! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  11. This sounds like such a lovely brand, that ring is so pretty!

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  12. the first ring is stunning, i'd love something similar!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

  13. Such pretty jewellery pieces...

    Lacey xx


  14. the stone in that ring is soooo lovely

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

  15. i like the green necklace one. v cute


  16. Love all of your picks <3

    Kisses and good karma,
    Tatum | AbstractAphrodite

  17. Your entire collection is really pretty. My favourite from above is the pink morganite ring.
    Would definitely want to wear all of it if I could. However, my most precious ring at the moment is my diamond wedding ring. So, any additional accessoire would have to match..


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