4 December 2016

5 Dreamy UK Christmas Break Destinations

It's nippy. Like really bloody nippy. 

But who cares - Christmas is on its way! Today I'm sharing a few UK Christmas getaway destinations which I think are really dreamy. I have always visited places just before or after Christmas but never truly experienced the festivities so close to the day. Nothing beats wrapping up warm and heading out among the lights with friends, picking up a hot drink from a market stall and doing a little late night shopping - maybe a little ice skating if I'm feeling brave!


I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh last year for one day, it was a truly magical place where I fell in love with the architecture, followed the cobbled streets and watched the world go by while sipping upon a Starbucks. Unfortunately being on the other end of the country means I probably won't visit Edinburgh for a while yet, let alone at Christmas. But can you imagine how beautiful it must be? Just look at that photo! There is so much going on from fairground rides, ice skating, Christmas tree mazes to markets. That is something I would love to visit - a Scottish market! Edinburgh also hosts the Street of Light, with over 60,000 bulbs of light which synchronise to live music. You can certainly expect lots of food, music and beautiful sights - somebody take me!


Jack and I visited Cardiff when we first got together, it was a surprise trip to watch my favourite band at the time Two Door Cinema Club. We weren't there for long so we didn't fully take in what Cardiff had to offer, so I'm definitely eager to go back. The Winter Wonderland looks absolutely incredible, with an Alpine Village, ice skating rink and funfair, it would be so magical. Not to mention the beautifully decorated wooden stalls to stroll around and enjoy.


Bath is one of my favourite cities and kind of wish I had gone there to study, as it was one of my options. It's just breathtaking, with beautiful buildings and the most snappable place to become inspired by - it's no wonder it's one of the most popular choices over Christmas. We were lucky to just catch the Christmas lights on our last visit and they were beautiful, unfortunately, we had just missed the markets which I am still so gutted about. The location couldn't be better, the markets are placed within the city centre surrounded by the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. A heavenly destination and if you can get yourself into the thermal spa, you're onto a winner.


Need I say more? I was in London early November last year and I remember Oxford Street looking so beautiful. Of course, it is super busy with people doing their Christmas shopping but you cannot beat the atmosphere of this city. You're spoilt for choice, with festive theatre shows, endless markets, skating rinks, trees, lights and grottos - every second must be wonderful. I know where I'm going next year... Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland!


And finally, my home. Cornwall is a lovely place to be during Christmas and is one to enjoy if you're after a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy light parades, late night shopping, reindeer and glorious Cornish treats. My favourite thing of all is strolling around villages and towns, admiring the magical Christmas decorations.

Yesterday I went to The Eden Project as they are currently holding their Light Festival. We felt so Christmassy as we wandered around and sipped upon mulled wine. There was an ice rink like they have every year, decorations, music and of course the laser light show. Just take a look at how dreamy it looks...

Where would your dream Christmas destination be?

This post is in collaboration with Great Little Breaks and all dreamy choices are my own.


27 November 2016

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves St Ives


20 November 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind Love From Berlin

Honestly guys, you are about to read about such an inspiring lady, Rae from the beautiful blog Love from Berlin is here with a little interview in a feature I like to call 'Meet The Blogger'. I adore everything about Rae; her visions, thoughts, fashion to her Instagram feed. I am always so interested in what she has to say, her mind is filled with thoughtful and life-changing insights on conscious living and she makes you think about the world around you. She's much more than your average blogger, she's her own woman on a mission to do incredible things...

30 October 2016

Outfit Diaries In The Swiss Mountains

I'm so happy I get to introduce you to one of my beautiful friends, Katharina. I was lucky enough to meet her on our travels across North America, where we travelling on a rickety bus with a group of strangers from New York to San Fransisco. I will never forget it, and we all made memories that will last a lifetime. 

A few months ago she invited Jack and I over to stay with her in Switzerland and of course we said yes. A year had passed since our trip to the states, so we had the most amazing time catching up and exploring her own little country. You can read more about it and take a look at my Photo Diary here, but for now, we're doing an Outfit Diaries with this lovely lady. I adore her fashion and personally, I think it matches her personality to a tee. She's so kind and full of life, and I can already tell that you're going to love her...

23 October 2016

October Waves


16 October 2016

Outfit Diaries With Kallum


28 September 2016

10 Ways To Be More Mindful


25 September 2016

Switzerland Photo Diary

Switzerland, a place of dreams, the Toblerone mountain, insane backdrops and a lost camera...


4 September 2016

Outfit Diaries With Tash In Portreath

Hi Tash! Tell us what you're wearing and why you chose this outfit.

This is my go-to outfit that I definitely wear too often! It's comfortable yet  smart. I'm not very good at dressing down or casually; but I enjoy dressing up and trying to get a 'polished' look. I usually have a jumper or coat close by- I hate being cold!

Outfit details...

Skirt- New Look
Jumper- H&M
Coat- Vintage shop
Bag- River Island
Boots- Kurt Gieger

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from and how has it changed over the years? 

What I wear is too strongly influenced by whichever TV show I'm currently addicted to; it's changed a lot over the years! A lot of the time I'm  also influenced by old movies and classic fashion- so I send a lot of time looking on vintage shops.

Where's your go-to spot to shop for your favourite outfit pieces? 

I love Zara! Everything they make is so sophisticated and stylish that I feel grown up and glamorous whenever I wear anything from there!

Describe your style in three words! 

Stylish yet snug.

How often do you treat yourself to new additions to your wardrobe? 

Probably too often. I tend to buy items impulsively! 

What's one fashion trend you wish you could pull off?

Long dresses-I'm 5"00 so it's difficult to find dresses that fit properly! 

Heels or boots? 

Boots with heels. Again, the 5"00 situation plays a part in this.

What's one thing you can't wait to wear when Autumn arrives? 

Polo necks! They're just so snug and comfy. 

Dresses or skirts?

Depends on the occasion,  but usually I stick with skirts. 

What accessories do you have to wear before you leave the house? 

My watch; it was a Christmas present and is now an everyday essential!

Which celebrity or TV character would you like to steal their wardrobe? 

Holly Golightly- so effortlessly glamorous. I wish I could pull that off!


31 August 2016

Escaping To The Sea


17 July 2016

Kos, Greece Photo Diary


13 July 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind: The Cornish Life

Here I am again with another 'Meet The Blogger Behind' feature, where I share with you a blogger that you should totally be following right now! This week I spoke to Anna, from The Cornish Life where she shares her life of a freelance designer and copywriter. She has a wonderful blog filled with such inspirational and beautiful posts about living in Cornwall, topped with travel, blogging tips and general lifestyle happenings which will make you smile. She also has a frenchie, who I am yet to meet but I cannot wait to because I'm so obsessed with them! The funny thing is, Anna and I live only a stone's throw away from each other - it's pretty amazing really and what a wonderful thing that we have crossed paths through blogging. Anyway, that's enough of an introduction - let's dive into the questions!


29 June 2016

Snapshots: Buckinghamshire and London


29 May 2016

10 Reasons You Should Live By The Sea

I've suddenly grown to appreciate living just a stone's throw away from the beach. Often we find ourselves becoming numb to our surroundings, but this is one thing I look forward to. Whether it's a drive down after a long day at work, a moment to feel the waves leap up to my ankles or a quiet spot to drink coffee - I know exactly where to go.

It's the perfect escape

If you're feeling down and wanting to get away for an hour or so, the beach is the perfect escapism. It doesn't matter if you're alone or with a group of friends, you can get away from the manic streets and stresses of home.

You feel free as a bird

You won't feel claustrophobic anymore, the open space is one which you cannot help but fall in love with.

The salty sea air

Nothing beats the wind blowing through your hair and the fresh salty air greeting your face. After a walk on the sand, you feel so much more at peace and happy.

The sounds

The sound of the waves crashing on a windy day, the sound of families, the sound of dogs running across the sand, the sound of birds, the sound of pebbles being walked upon and the sound of nature doing it thing.

Free swimming

Let's be honest, I don't go swimming in the sea that often. I can barely paddle with my tiny feet for more than a minute but hey, swim until you're heart's conten - it's free.

The beach isn't just for summer

Taking a visit anytime of year is something special. The beach can be wonderful when it's just you wrapped in a scarf accompanied by miles of lonely sand but a summers day with happy people is pretty great to.

Bored? Let's go to the beach...

If you live in the countryside it can be a struggle to find things to do but when there's a beach just around the corner - how can you complain? It's a place you can never tire of.

BBQs are awesome, and so are picnics

When the evenings grow warmer, BBQs and picnics are a favourite. It's a great way to bring people together, especially if a beach is involved...


Get your camera ready because nothing quite beats a sunset disappearing behind the horizon.

Life's a beach

Once you experience living so close to the beach, how could you go back?

Hannah x


17 February 2016

Edinburgh: Photo Diary

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