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My Pinterest is filled to the brim with interior posts. Mainly dominated by white walls, shelving and plants. There's something so fresh and modern about bright rooms accompanied by plants, extremely homely and comforting.

I'm not a fan of clutter with pointless ornaments making things look messy, simplistic decor is something which really appeals to me, something which speaks volumes about you as a person, rather than bits and bobs you have collected from the past.

You can get creative with plant pots with a whole range of colours and textures. I love the flowers in the rose gold tin and it's the perfect way to add a pop of colour into your home. Plants always look great accompanied by framed prints, the Eiffel Tower is certainly a print which will hang pride of place in my future home - quotes are also a must have.

But plants. They add a lovely vivid colour into a home, instantly make you feel relaxed and adds an extra bit of life into any home, whether they're tiny on a shelf or towering up towards the ceiling.

Hannah x


  1. I only just found your Pinterest the other day! I definitely agree that bright spaces with greenery and a lack of clutter are the way forward. Less hectic for your mind and soul I think x

    Martha Jane |

  2. Ahh these are lovely ideas! Shame I'm so useless at keeping them alive haha xx

  3. I love this! When I moved into my apartment, I vowed to fill it floor to ceiling with pretty plants. Of course, I've yet to do that (damn bills, rent, and other expenses!). But it's still a dream of mine!

  4. I love plants as I feel like they really cozy up a home & open up the space. They're just lovely, but I do wish I had an easier time keeping them alive ;) xx

  5. i recently started adding plants around my apartment to liven up the space. also having indoor plants with cold weather outside makes you feel better

  6. I love the pot plant trend at the moment, I've always had plants in my room / house even as a kid- there's something really relaxing about watching them grow! I wish my house was as tidy and pinnaBle as these homes!

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