Pinterest: S T Y L E

Just a little something I threw together, because hey - sometimes life is busy and you forget your Wednesday post is non-existent, 10pm at night.

If you follow my blog, you're probably aware that I love a bit of Pinterest. Especially for gaining inspiration on different styles, outfits, colours, shoes, accessories... from slouchy to bossin' - you'll be wanting retail therapy asap. 

I love all the collages you get of ootd's, with cups of coffee and books thrown in. It's super cute and some how makes me more motivated to get a sassy outfit on, and get on with the day ahead. 

I could literally scroll for hours, searching for new inspirations for my dream closet.

And how was everyone's pancake day? I went over to my boyfriend's and his mum made us the most delicious duck pancakes and oh my - and of course we had sweet after! (Now I really want to get that 'this is my brunch sweatshirt'...)

Hannah x


  1. I actually missed/forgot about pancake day which is pretty depressing, I'll definitely make up for it by having some pancakes this weekend though. I've also been meaning to start using Pinterest because I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't...

  2. I can spend hours scrolling through pinterest boards like this- they are so beautiful! Lovely post x

  3. Love these photos, so inspirational!

  4. Loving all of these casual but minimal and chic styles so much!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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