10 Ways To De-Stress: You've Got This

Sometimes life can get a little heavy. It can almost feel repetitive, living every day with the same routine and suddenly things can start to become a little too much. Some escapism is exactly what is needed, a reminder that you have something to look forward to or a break away from the stresses life can create for us.

Most of the time, we can all admit it's usually down to over-thinking, worrying and feeling like you're losing control. But have no fear - you've got this.

Take a step outside

It can be easy to curl up in bed and hide away from the world but going outside has so many benefits. Even if you step out for ten minutes, it's a simple way to clear your mind, get your heart beating and breathe in that fresh air. It's this gentle exercise that can instantly boost your mood.

Stretch and yoga it up

Everyone knows that yoga is a great way to be mindful, release any tension and care for you mind and body. A simple ten minutes can make you feel so much better. You've probably heard me harping on about it before; but Yoga With Adriene is my go-to place for a whole range of yoga videos - ranging from ten minutes to a whole hour.

Take a moment to be mindful

As you need to be with yoga, being mindful is definitely one way of decreasing stress levels. Be present in the moment, focus on your breathing and take some time to appreciate everything and everyone around you. These little reminders can crease such a huge impact, and leave us feeling a lot more sure of ourselves - the panic will soon slide away.

Pop a date in your diary and look forward to it

Book a holiday, a few days away or even a meal with someone you love. These little adventures, meetings or moments take you away from your everyday routine and they're going to make you feel so much better. Your motivation always increases with something new on the horizon.

Add to your plant fam

Buy another addition to your cacti family or a new potted friend which isn't going to prick you on the bottom. Research shows that plants actually make you feel more relaxed and calm. It's also a great mood booster, releasing oxygen into the air and making your home a much more natural and tranquil place to be. And they look super cute.

Feel all berry

There are plenty of foods to help you de-stress. Berries are high in vitamin C meaning snacking on these babies will make you feel a lot more calm. Nuts such as walnuts are also a great stress reliever, containing omega 3 fatty acids - proven to lower stress hormones. Try sprinkling them on yoghurt, and throw those berries into the mix.

Create a playlist

Spotify's 'Chill' playlist is the perfect playlist to lie back an listen to acoustic songs in an evening. I've been saving my favourites along the way, reminiscing on forgotten songs and falling in love with new ones. I'll be sharing this very soon in a playlist. It's the perfect way to relax before heading to bed - a distraction like no other.

H2O and hit the hay

Drink water. You're certainly going to be feeling stressed if you're body is lacking water, re-fuelling is so important. Also, get into bed at a reasonable time - you're only going to stress more if it strikes midnight and you've got to be up at 6am.

Pick up the phone and get chatting

Talking to someone and getting your worries spread across the table can make all of the difference. Not only can your friend support you, they can tell you there's no need to worry. And let's be honest, that's all we want to hear when life gets a bit too much. Don't worry, be happy.

Grab a pencil

Write. Doodle. Colour. Knit. Cross-stitch. What-ever floats your boat, just get creative and do what you love to do. Write down your feelings, 30 minutes later scrunch it up in a ball. Grab your colouring book and create the finest piece of art yet. Knit a hat and cross-stitch your favourite motivational quote.

You've got this.

Hannah x


  1. These are amazing tips! I like to be mindful and relax with a book or play the sims lol! Coloring also works wonders for me!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  2. Such a great post, Hannah, I've been using lots of these tips recently! Ollie and I just booked a trip out to the countryside to stay in a little tin with no electricity for a few days and I am SO excited for the mental detox x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

    1. Thanks so much Martha. That sounds amazing, can't wait to hear how it goes :)

  3. Absolutely love your tips. They're so helpful! I feel like yoga always de-stresses me!

    Love, Kerstin

  4. Loving these tips Hannah :) Particularly the adding a date to your diary to look forward to thing. This week I'm planning to book a little getaway in April (once N's work is confirmed) purely to get away and de-stress!


    1. Thanks Anna! It needs to be done, and we need to meet up soon!

  5. Oh I love this, a bit of chill out music and some colouring in is a winner. I tend to de-stress when my hands are busy.
    I do like the idea of having something to look forward to too.
    Teach me how to do mindfulness though, I try hard and fail constantly!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. Brilliant post!!! Thank you for this, these type of posts make me feel a lot better and inspire me to be more positive! I'm definitely going to use these tips as I've been struggling with stress and anxiety so they're very helpful for me xxxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. That was lovely to read Becky, I'm glad it helped and I hope you feel better soon xx

  7. These tips are like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for writing this, much needed!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  8. These are really good tips, having something to look forward to is so important! I also use Spotify to create playlists, I got one for when I'm feeling down, one for when I'm in a good mood and so on. :) xx


  9. i love yoga with adriene! did you try her 30 day challenge in january? it was so destressing and took my mind off the cold weather


  10. Love this post and I could definitely use some stress relief at the moment. Yoga is definitely a good one, I find it really helps relax me and keep me calm. xx

    Bethan Likes

  11. Lovely post, so easy to get stuck in a rut, thanks for the reminder x

  12. These tips are really great! I agree that making a Spotify playlist is a good one, I think my fave way to destress is to do that and then have a warm bubble bath with that playing in the background! Or reading X

  13. Loved this post, thank you for sharing your tips! I've been feeling a bit stressed out recently but going on a walk even if it's just a short one really helps a lot & also reading calms me down :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  14. Yes, yes, and yes. I'm one of these people who struggle with their emotions going from 0 to 100 in a second, and I've been really working on building habits into my life that help me destress. I use the monthly calendar in my agenda to hold a list of things that I enjoy / destress me, and I keep track of how often I do them, which is good because it means I usually get one or two in a day at the very least.

    And Yoga with Adriene! I decided this month to try out yoga for the first time and have been using her YogaCamp videos. She's so lovely and I've really been enjoying myself. It's funny how once you see a name you see it pop up everywhere :)

    Asti || ohasti.com

  15. You've made me want to do all of these and I'm not even stressed! xx


  16. I love this! I'm taking it as an excuse to buy some more plants ;)
    I really like baking to help me chill out <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  17. These are some awesome tips! Some of them I do daily and they really help to prevent stress from sneaking it's way into my day!
    Great post!
    C | http://atlantic-c.blogspot.ca/


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