Topshop: Spring Pastels

Spring is in the air and I'm feeling pastels, high ponies, sunny vibes and wanting to listen to Vampire Weekend non-stop with an ice cream in hand. Despite loving autumn and winter, I'm definitely ready to break out of hibernation mode and be welcomed by sweet warmth on my face. Hell, I'm even looking forward to a few freckles popping up to say hello.

I was browsing Topshop and they have loads of beautiful spring clothing in at the moment. I know that pinafores have been around for the last few months, but have you seen the pastel shades?! They're just beautiful and I love the look of cord - I think they're something which will be increasingly popular this year. I'm also loving the off the shoulder look, at first I wasn't a fan but they give such a flattering and feminine look, so I'm thinking I might give one a whirl next time I head into town.

A line skirts are also a style I love but unfortunately the one I bought last summer doesn't fit me anymore - oops, damn your winter food! That's something else I'm looking forward to; spring fruit, salads and generally more healthy food... and perhaps the odd cocktail thrown in (did you say Pimms o'clock?)

Have you tried any of the makeup from Topshop? I'm eager to try more, and the lip sticks look quite tempting - especially in a spring pink.

What outfit first comes to mind when you think of spring?

Hannah x


  1. Aw I LOVE the new spring collection from Topshop- that pinafore dress is especially beautiful <3 lovely post x

  2. I love that pink pinafore dress and the pale blue jumper! Such gorgeous Spring colours xo

    Emily |

  3. I am totally loving all of the pretty pastel Spring colors popping up! SO excited for warmer weather!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. I love every single item on this wishlist - love love!!

  5. The knit and the pinafore please and thank you! Joking apart, I do NOT need any more clothes right now, no matter how much I want them! x

    Martha Jane |

  6. Oh my word, that shearling clutch is amazing. I think it would look super snazzy with a leather biker jacket and a skinny scarf! You've got me wanting to go shopping now haha! xo

    Jess, hi freckles

  7. Ooh I love the blue knit! I always forget to look in Topshop when I'm shopping. They have some amazing items though :)

    Kelsey | Visit my blog


  8. Great picks! Love this wishlist!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  9. I keep looking at that pinafore dress in the dusky pink - SUCH a pretty shade! X

    Harriet |

  10. These are absolutely amazing picks for the upcoming spring weather - I adore the pockets on that black skirt!

    Lisa Favre

  11. I've also just written a spring 'wishlist' and almost everything on it is also pastel coloured and I'm fully embracing it, haha!
    That cord pinafore is sooo cute!!
    Maija Lily Xx

  12. I've had my eye on that pink pinafore for ages now, it's so cute! Love this wishlist xx


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