Mom Jeans

After months of searching, I have finally found the mom jeans of my dreams.

P.S. I do have toes, I promise.

I've always been a fan of the style of mom jeans but every time I tried a pair on, it was a straight out nope situation.

Since then, it seemed like Topshop had not stocked them for a lifetime but on one Saturday afternoon I accidentally stumbled across these - and I couldn't say no.

I have to admit, I have too many Topshop jeans and it's not like I'm thirsty for anymore. My drawer is bursting with skinny Jamie jeans but sometimes you're crying out for a bit of comfort.

These mom jeans have been glued to me since I bought them; they're so comfy and it feels great to find a pair that actually suit me. I also love the ripped knee but I do wonder when that trend will die out... what do you think?

Just one thing Topshop - please make your jeans more affordable. Thanks.

Hannah x


  1. Haha I just had to laugh out loud at uni because of the "I do have toes" thing :D The mom jeans looks fab. I'm still trying to find a nice one for me!

    Love, Kerstin

  2. These looks amazing, I just bought a pair of mom jeans from Asos but sadly they didn't look right, I'm Defo going to pop into topshop and try these on, I love the rip too!

  3. Ps. I have toes too haha x
    Morgan |

  4. They look so good on you aw - almost all the Mom jeans I've tried just don't suit me, except a pair from asos, always good when you find something that fits and suits well!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. YESSS you got the mom jeans! I'm so glad you love them, I've been eyeing the Topshop selection up too! x

    Martha Jane |

  6. These look great, I really like the rip knee gives them a bit of an edge, I sometimes think they can look frumpy but you really pull them off!

  7. They look lovely on you

    Happy Friday!! Kisses,

  8. These look cute! I feel like I could never pull them off though!

  9. Mom jeans are everything! I just love them<3<3


  10. Mom jeans are my absolute fave type of jeans now. So comfy and super flattering too! I find them more so than skinnies. Love these ❤️
    Bee |

  11. haha oh I wouldn't have enough noticed the toes thing if you hadn't pointed it out! I love those mom jeans, I actually always think they look so nice on other people- even though I know they'd look awful on me! :(

  12. Love this style of jeans on you! BDG at urban outfitters also do amazing mom jeans that are a little more fitted which is a great in-between. Thing is, I always seem to never wear them because I love them so much, its like I want to save them for a nice occasion!

    love, Jane

  13. I just bought myself a pair of mom jeans! Haha I love that you call them that, and honestly they are so comfortable I wish I could wear them every day. You look wonderful in yours they look great!

    My Lovelier Days

  14. I love mom jeans, you look great! If you're after some cheaper ones, try checking out some vintage/charity shops, I picked up a pair of vintage Levi mom jeans for £20 :) X


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