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I'm back with another 'Meet The Blogger Behind' feature and today we're speaking to the lovely Imii from Nettle & Blackberry. If you're obsessed with Paris and stunning photography, you won't be able to stop reading her lifestyle blog filled with travel, beauty and everything inbetween. Imii is totally relatable and a joy to read - other than making me totally jealous having lived in the magical city of Paris!

Hi Imii, firstly tell us a little bit more about you and your blog Nettle & Blackberry

Heya! My name’s Imii and I’m a 21 year old Theology student from Sussex, although I spend most of my time in the North East for uni. I’ve just finished a year abroad in Paris and it was honestly the best year of my life. I basically just became a walking Parisian cliché. When not studying, or thinking about Paris, I have a passion for beige buildings, brunch, and taking photos of brightly coloured bicycles. I also pretend to be totally into health but don’t we all.

So n&b is my little lifestyle blog, started in April 2015 to distract me from university. It’s about showing off my creativity and my passion for all things pretty, interesting or important. Since moving to Paris in September 2015, I’ve also started including travel, beauty and a little bit of style. I use it to share my current favourite things, favourite places, and new discoveries, as well as for sharing more personal posts. Basically, I blog about everything and anything.

Where did the inspiration behind the blog name come from?

Haha so one day I was setting up a tumblr account and I was like ‘damn, I need a reasonably tumblr-y name’ and looked around the room. Sitting on the corner of my desk was a box of nettle and blackberry teabags. Bam. The name was born. Obviously I no longer use tumblr as my main blog but the name has stuck and for now, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I absolutely love your travel posts, where is one country everyone should visit?

If you visit one country it should be Denmark, or maybe Vietnam. I went to Copenhagen on a solo trip a while ago and fell in love with the city instantly. The vibe, the colour, the energy - it very quickly became my favourite place, and Denmark favourite country. I have a few posts up on it, but really you need to go for yourself. There was just something about it.

That said, I’ve always had a weird soft spot for Vietnam since travelling there when I was 17. It was my first big trip abroad, outside Europe, and something about it just stuck with me. It’s a beautiful country with so much history, and Vietnamese cuisine is my all time favourite. I had it about once a week in Paris, and whenever I can in London.

Paris is so beautiful, what is it like to actually live there? (So so jel!)

Haha so Paris is actually a nightmare to live in, at least for the first few months. When I arrived I only had a GCSE in French, a few years ago, and so setting up things like bank accounts, and wifi, and phones, and gyms and electricity, was just the worst. I remember being exhausted every single day, constantly. Like actually pass-out-tired. That said, it gets easier. I wouldn’t change it for the world now. Sure you have to wrestle through tourists every day, but even they grow on you. There’s nothing like telling someone you live there when they ask for directions. Just remember that living in Paris isn’t all Eiffel Towers and croissants. Sure I buy fresh flowers from the market every Sunday, but I also have to clean my own bathroom and pay bills. It’s no hotel.

What would you say to those thinking about starting a blog

YASSS do it! Do it! I don’t have any advice like people normally do about finding your niche or being yourself because doing that stuff is way too hard to think about when you’re just starting. The best advice is just to start. Open up WP or Blogger or whatever it is you want to use and start. You won’t regret it.

Where's one place in Paris everyone should visit, whether it's totally touristy or not at all!

The entirety of Paris is pretty touristy, but sometimes you can find some gems. The Rue Mouffetard is just behind my road and is a student bar and restaurant road, with cheap food and an amazing atmosphere. During the football and rugby seasons, if you’re on the Left Bank, this is the place to be. As well as that, over the road from my flat is the Institut du Monde Arabe. With a gorgeous viewing platform, free for all to use, it’s always strangely quiet. I’ve spent hours up there, looking over Notre Dame, day and night. I’d definitely recommend it up there. But that said, I’m horrendously biased towards the Latin Quarter so basically anywhere around me is perfect!

What's three blogs everyone should be following right now?

So obviously my top choice is Hannah Gale because I feel like everyone should have their own personal pocket Hannah for when times get tough. She’s so real and fun and friendly, and I dig that.
Second, we should also all go follow Rhi over at Robewecop because she’s my pal and her blog is the definition of goals. She’s the one that got my into blogging in the very beginning and continues to be so helpful and supportive that it would be a crime not to return the favour. She’s fab.
Finally, Carrie from One Pleasant Day. You might remember her from her previous blog Carrie Brighton. I’ve been obsessed with Carrie’s photography since day one and her new blog is just sublime. Gorgeous whimsical photography and a warm and cosy vibe. Absolutely perfect.

I absolutely love your photography, do you have any tips?

Thank you! My tips are pretty similar to everyone else’s tips: use natural light and other than that, do what you want. Yellowy harsh pictures aren’t the one, purely because they just don’t show off the product or thing, but you do you. Work with exposure, ISO, aperture etc., and get to know your camera. Good cameras don’t make the photograph automatically good, you need to do the hard work. I’m still working on my photography, and now that I’m home for the summer I’ll have plenty of time to do so.

How important is building a brand for your blog?

I don’t feel like I have a brand at the moment, or at least not one that I’ve figured out for myself. That’s cool. I’m only a year or so into this blogging thing. That said, I do think it’s so important to stick to who you are, and not try to be someone else’s blog. If you’re copying their style then you lose any of the individuality that I might follow your blog for. I love looking at blog posts and photos and knowing exactly who took them or wrote it. It’s something I’m definitely still working on achieving myself.

Last but not least, cake or cookies?

This isn’t even a question because it’s obviously cake. No exceptions. Cake makes my world go round and I’ve spent 10 months without it, stuck with patisserie in Paris. I’m so excited to go back to Durham for the next school year because I swear it’s like the cake capital of the UK. I’m all about cake.

A huge thank you to Imii for answering these questions - isn't she a dream? Go follow her on the platforms below! All images courtesy of Nettle & Blackberry.

Where can you find Imii? 

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  1. love hearing more about imii!!! i knew her blog before and i love hearing her stories and seeing her beautiful pics<3

    xx from Brighton
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  4. I adore Imii's blog! Her photography is stunning and to die for - can I live the parisian lifestyle please? I love these posts, getting to know the blogger behind the blog means you can relate to people so much better! xx

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  9. Imii is definitely one of my favourite bloggers to read, and her Paris posts have been a DREAM; it's so nice to get to know her more through this feature, Hannah. You did such a wonderful job! Also, cakes for LIFE.


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    Imii's blog and Instagram are stunning! It's amazing to see how much they've grown and become firm favourites in the blogosphere!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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