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Finding your style during your teenage years can be the ultimate struggle but it seems my sister at sixteen, is doing just fine. It took me years to find a style I was happy with. I began transitioning through many different styles, including the cringe-worthy studded belt days... It wasn't until I finished college that I suddenly began feeling comfortable in the clothes I was wearing. Now I love fashion, and I always wonder what influences us at a young age and if times are really changing. Bethany certainly didn't go through an 'emo' stage and she seems to have a better eye for fashion than I ever did at her age; are teenagers growing up too quickly? Does having a big sister change things? Is it because we're more exposed to the online world?

She decided to take part in my feature 'Outfit Diaries' and this time we delve deeper into how style develops with a younger perspective...

Hey Beth, how would you describe your style?

I would say I'm on the verge of finding my 'style'. As I have now left secondary I am officially a young adult, so I would like to think my clothes show my new maturity.

How do you think it's developed over the past year?

My style hasn't developed that much - more varied. Only because I have been trying to find what makes me comfortable. I'm leaning away from crop tops and wear more jumpers and shirts now.

How do you gain fashion inspiration?

Social media - I will mostly gain fashion inspiration from YouTube and Instagram but to be honest I just observe the people around me and see what I like.

What clothing piece is your favourite to shop for?

My favourite clothing pieces to shop for is shoes and jeans. They suit and describe what type of mood you are in. Whether you want to feel stylish or comfortable, you have that choice.

Do you think having an older sister has influenced your style in any way?

Over the two years I have - I didn't really like her style in college because she wore floral tops. Now she does influence because her style is simple (we all know simple is more) which I appreciate.

How often do you buy new clothes?

I buy new clothes roughly every two to three months. The amount of clothes I buy usually depends on my mood.

What's one thing you think people should invest in?

Cardigans - they are not just for grannies you know.

Do you think your style will be different in 5 years time - if so how?

I hope my style is different in five years time - I'd like to pull off the casual 'day trip to London' look with round sunglasses and a beige coat.

Do you think the online world has influenced teenagers in a positive way - are they growing up too quickly?

I think media is mostly a bad influence for teenagers. They just want to feel accepted - so they are almost pressured and are then stereotyped as a 'typical teenager' when following 'the crowd'. I think before media, subcultures were a big part of how teenagers were viewed. Although being categorised isn't fair, at least it shows people's uniqueness and differences. It has almost generalised the younger generation because now appearance doesn't show personality, it shows just another teenager trying to fit in. Media influences society which causes them to grow up quickly, this is the negative issue of exposing children to technology at a young age.

Lipstick or mascara?

Mascara, if I don't apply mascara it would give me instant baby face.

Do you think teenagers are growing up too fast?

Hannah x


  1. I feel like I lost all sense of style after I left college! It's taken me up until now at 20 to finally feel like I'm happy with my style, although I use that term loosely, I'm mostly just in jeans and trainers most of the time haha x

  2. Finding a style is super difficult. I still don't feel like I have my own 'true' style but I've recently learnt that you shouldn't shy away from things just because they're similar to things you've done before.
    I spent all of my high school years in a pretty intense emo phase and have recently started to embrace my love for black, eyeliner and lace again. While I will never make some of my teenage mistakes, its okay to keep to that style and let it develop too! x

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  3. I would consider "fashion" a trends that social media (the rest of the world) is trying to force us into following. The term "style" is more personal, and are the clothes you feel the most comfortable wearing. Since I'm still in secondary (or junior high, as we call it) I haven't quite established what my personal style is yet, but I think I have a rough idea. But of course things will change. Loving the post xxx


  4. I love these photos and the interview! I'm a seventeen-year-old so I can definitely identify with her taste :)



  5. What a cute post!! I'm still finding my style and im 22!
    a life of a charlotte

  6. Lovely photos of your sister, great idea for a post! Interesting read, she sounds way more mature and comfortable in herself than I was at that age! H x
    Hattie Loves Sunshine

  7. Love this!


  8. Awww this is just so cute! Wish I'd been as sure and confident in my style at her age, I cringe thinking about it now! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful girl, nice post xx

  10. Lovely blog! oh and that shirt is sooo cute! x

    Jessalyn Amie | https://jessalynamie.blogspot.co.uk


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