Outfit Diaries With Jack

Today, we talk to Jack - a guy who has an eye for fashion, a closet full of shoes and is a sucker for a bargain.

He's also my boyfriend, who is probably a lot more stylish than me. I can usually be found snuggled up in his jumper with a couple more lying around in case I want to switch it up - why are men's jumpers so much better than women's?

Sharing is caring - isn't that right Jack?

He was up for a little photo shoot for this week's Outfit Diaries so we went on search for the perfect location. As we strolled around the woods we came across an entrance way to a beautiful foggy field, we were surrounded by beautiful trees and that's when the posing commenced.

Let's dive into question time.

Hey Jack, talk us through your outfit

Hello Hannah. My jeans are Levis 510. I bought them from Levis home city of San Francisco last year. They are hard wearing, keep their shape and most importantly are comfy. My shoes are New Balance 373. I’ve had them for years now and wear them constantly, so they are falling apart a little bit, but I’ll definitely be getting a new pair. The t-shirt is from Urban Outfitters by a brand called Shore Leave. It’s pretty thick and something a little different in a world where most men's t-shirts are plain. The jumper is from Topman. It’s mainly navy but it has a slight hint of mustard in there, I’m really into mustard at the moment. The sunglasses are Ray Ban Wayfarers. My sister bought them for me for my 21st birthday. They say happy birthday on the inside and Jack on the outside of the arms. It’s tucked behind the ears though so it’s not obvious.

What do you like about buying clothes?

Well, as with most people, I enjoy it twice as much if I actually have money. I suppose the best thing about shopping is when you find something that suits you down to the ground, you know it’s cool, it’s good feeling. I have only recently worked out my own kind of style, so if I can find something that fits my personality, makes me feel comfortable and like I’m being true to who I am then that’s good. It felt like I was in limbo a few years ago because I didn’t know what I liked and was just buying anything because it seemed like that was cool. I really wasn’t confident. It’s funny how clothes can change how you feel about yourself and other people.

What or who inspired your fashion during your teenage years?

That is such a good question. In school my friends were my inspiration, which mainly consisted of studded belts and big skating shoes. Then Topman was my inspiration because I just bought any ridiculous florescent t-shirt they sold. The first person or group of people that inspired me were an indie rock band called Brother. Their style could still easily pass off today

If you could wear one piece of clothing every day what would it be?

Boxer shorts… It would be the Levis I am wearing. They are the most versatile thing I own.

What is one fashion trend you wish would just die!

I don’t know if it counts as a fashion trend, but there is a hair style that at least 80% of the male population seem to have. It’s where they shave the sides and back of their heads and presumably just leave the top. At least that’s what it looks like. I swear most of them do it themselves. It’s the modern equivalent of a bowl cut.

What piece of clothing/accessory do you think everyone should invest in?

When I get rich it will be a watch. For now I would say sunglasses, as long as you look after them.

Holiday fashion essentials. Shoot...

Assuming it is a sunny holiday, number one would be a blue denim shirt. You can do so much with a denim shirt. Role the sleeves up, wear some shorts and be casual or some black trousers and brogues and you look ready to meet the Queen. Boat shoes/deck shoes. I don’t get on with flip flops so something that’s easy to get on your feet is always good. Plus boat shoes look smart so you can wear them to dinner as well.

Do you think your fashion will be different in 20 years time?

I really hope so; my clothes from four years ago make me cringe as it is. Unless something makes a come back like the 90’s revolution we are in at the moment.

Name someone's fashion sense you admire because it's unique

Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys for his retro style. Macklemore, because he can wear whatever he wants and look cool.

Trainers or brogues?

I love brogues but it would have to be trainers. Brogues and beaches don’t mix.

How would you describe your style? Tell me below!

Hannah x


  1. Too cute! I love the fact that he was willing to go out on a photoshoot- it must have been so fun x


  2. This is the sweetest, I don't think my boyfriend would ever let me do this but wish he would :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog hannah, following you on twitter :) x
    lots of love, Jane

  3. Such lovely photos - so sweet you did this with your boyfriend, Jack seems very trendy haha!

    Lucy | Forever September


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