10 Ways To Update Your Bedroom

In need of a little change? If you're like me, you are always on the look out for new and exciting ways to get your interior on. This however is usually just in my dreams, when I spend hours browsing Pinterest dreaming of that perfect room... hence this post. I've chosen a few simple and easy ways to completely transform your space with little additions. Whether new bedding could be a total winner or you want to create a more cosy feel - it could be a lot easier than you think.

Buy some oxygen buddies 
Plants are a great addition to any bedroom, big or small inject some green into your space.

Find a funky lamp shade
How lovely is this textured pink lamp shade? If you're looking for a pop of colour or something a little quirky to add to your bedroom this may be the perfect choice. There are so many options out there, which come in an array of sizes - pick your favourite!

Buy a new head board
Choosing the right headboard can be a mission but it becomes such a focal point in your bedroom if done right. This one is called the Petal Head Bed and I think it's just beautiful!

Texture = comfort
Get creative with textured cushions, pillows, wall art - you name it. Different materials and fabrics create such a cosy feel in any room. I love the idea of hanging hats on the wall.

Make use of light
If you want to be greeted by the sun in the morning, why not move your bed beside the window? Or perhaps place a light beside your bed for comfort and practical reasons such as reading in the evening.

Add pattern and colour
Choosing your bedding can be so fun (or am I just lame?) and there's so many to choose from. Did you see the cacti print in my 14 awesome things to buy on Urban Outfitters right now post? It's incredible. But it doesn't have to end there, go all out with cushions, blankets - go wild. I love the pink and grey accents in the set below...

Get that rug life
Mmm, rugs. So soft, so comforting and they always make a wooden floored room look so much more inviting.

Feel bright with more light
If you can add a large mirror in to your room go for it, this will make your space look so much bigger and those ootd shots will be insane. I love how below fairy lights are hung over the mirror, such a lovely spot!

Ditch the wardrobe
If you don't want a wardrobe stealing all of your space, a clothes rail could certainly be an option. This is a love or hate addition but I think it looks great - especially if it is colour co-ordinated!

Add shelving
Whether you need space for your books, plants, makeup, you name it shelves can be a lifesaver for storage or to simply show off your collection of goodies.

What's the latest thing you have updated your bedroom with?

Hannah x


  1. So many great ideas! i love buying new plants for my apartment =o) and since I will be moving soon these have given me some new ideas for my next bedroom!


  2. Oh wow, you've just made me want to update my entire room ASAP. That pink lampshade is amazing!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. Love your ideas! I think plants are such a good idea to change the mood in a room, so is lighting! Natural or white light can make such a difference x


  4. I love to move around my furniture, it makes me want to switch my decor too, since things don't look the same on certain angles of my room. I just did that last night and busted out some decor bits that I kept in a closet <3

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  5. Ugh, this is all goals! Can't wait to be in the position to make a space my own. Adding greenery is about all I can do at the moment! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajaneedwards.com

  6. My family and I are actually planning to move to another house, so I'm already excited to decorate my room with new things! These were definitely some helpful ideas for me!!
    Thanks xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  7. OMG I am all about Cacti - need to buy some more. Lovely post! xx


  8. Some great ideas and love the inspo pics you've chosen. Storage and lighting is what it's all about for me, you can never have too much of either!

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  9. These tips are so great! Adding light and plants are lovely ideas! Xx


  10. I'm just about to move into a new flat and need to do things up gradually, so this post is giving me so much inspiration!
    L x

  11. Absolutely love this post! I'm ALWAYS updating my bedroom, almost every week making little changes here and there. So it's nice to see other options. I'm a massive fan of home posts like this one, so well put together xxx



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