13 July 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind: The Cornish Life

Here I am again with another 'Meet The Blogger Behind' feature, where I share with you a blogger that you should totally be following right now! This week I spoke to Anna, from The Cornish Life where she shares her life of a freelance designer and copywriter. She has a wonderful blog filled with such inspirational and beautiful posts about living in Cornwall, topped with travel, blogging tips and general lifestyle happenings which will make you smile. She also has a frenchie, who I am yet to meet but I cannot wait to because I'm so obsessed with them! The funny thing is, Anna and I live only a stone's throw away from each other - it's pretty amazing really and what a wonderful thing that we have crossed paths through blogging. Anyway, that's enough of an introduction - let's dive into the questions!

Hi Anna, tell us a little bit more about you and your blog 'The Cornish Life’

Hey, thanks so much for having me on your blog Hannah! I’m a freelance designer and copywriter based in the depths of Cornwall (just down the road from yourself, in fact - yay for Baker Toms lunches with far too many sausage rolls!).

The Cornish Life is a lifestyle blog where I share adventures and photos of my life in Cornwall (how many times can I say ‘life’ in one sentence?); whether it’s exploring a new part of the county, trying out a local restaurant, or just talking about whatever I feel like!

I’ve also just started a YouTube channel where I’ll be vlogging about my excursions too, but I’m still hella awkward in front of the camera so go easy on me...

What was the inspiration behind your blog and how did you get started?

I’ve been blogging on and off since the age of 12 (LiveJournal anyone? Man, I stumbled across an old account last year and *cringe* - why was everything I wrote so depressing and dumb?) but set up The Cornish Life early last year and told myself that I was actually gonna stick this out and build it into something cool. I really wanted to show everyone what an amazing place Cornwall is; so amazing in fact that I quit my Uni course in Surrey to come back here - I love it too much!

I’ve made some incredible friendships through my blog, had some fantastic career opportunities and adore having it as a creative outlet when I’m feeling a bit meh.

We both live in Cornwall. a beautiful part of the UK but what's your favourite thing about living here?

I actually wrote a post last year about reasons why I live in Cornwall, but it’s soon hard to pick a fave thing. Obviously I could say the beaches but that would be too cliche… I’m gonna say the community. Yup, also cliche.

But seriously, as a small business owner and blogger, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Business networking is actually fun here because everyone is so nice and wants to support each other, and generally everyone is super friendly - love it!

Would you ever consider moving to anywhere else in the future?

Not in the UK, that’s for sure. Though on particularly rainy days (like today) I do sometimes wish I could pack up my stuff and move to Croatia - but who doesn’t think that?

(I say Croatia like it’s really specific, but it’s just the only hot place I could think of that isn’t using Euros or Dollars right now… damn you referendum!)

Where's your favourite foodie spot for those visiting Cornwall?

Falmouth for sure; they have all the best restaurants. I’ve only recently been exploring it more over there as I’m actually a North Coast gal and it takes a while to get to the South Coast… okay not that long but I’m kinda lazy.

Top spots in Falmouth include The Stable (for epic pizza and cider), and Wildebeest (for the tastiest vegan food you’ve had in your life!).

I love your travel posts, what's one place you would recommend everyone should visit?

Thank you! They are my favourite posts to write. Obviously right now everyone should go to Croatia because 1) it’s the cheapest place right now for us Brits and 2) it’s just totally stunning. I’ve just come back from our holiday there and can’t wait to go back!

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start a blog?

Probably everyone says this but damnit, do it for yourself. Don’t start a blog thinking ‘ermagerd easy money and free stuff’ - that’s not a reason to start, because it’s not easy, and having that as your motivation will probably make you burn out super fast when you don’t get results.

Start a blog because you love writing, or you adore taking photos, or because you want to learn more about website design and marketing, or because you have something to share.

What's one blog everyone should be reading right now?


Ha! JK, it’s cool if you don’t read mine. But you should absolutely be reading Hannahgale.co.uk if you’re not already subscribed because she is the funniest, sassiest writer and you will be weeping with laughter when you read her posts.

You have a French Bulldog - my fave! What's the funniest characteristic about Pepper?

French Bulldogs are known for being clown dogs, and Pepper makes me laugh every single day. Her funniest characteristic (and also her most annoying) is her stubborn-ness on walks. She throws silent tantrums and lies on the ground if we are going a different way to the way she wants to go - yes literally like a 3 year old child.

Finally, beach or woodland walks?

I adore both but gotta say beach ‘cos Cornwall. You can get woodland walks anywhere but the beaches here are one of a kind!
Hannah x


  1. Yay! Thanks so much Hannah <3 xxx


  2. Anna is hands down one of my fav people :) Yay for Cornish bloggers!

  3. I love Anna and her blog, so it's great to read an interview with her here! She's also very very right about restaurants in Falmouth, Cornish beaches and Hannah Gale too! Alice xx


    1. I knew you'd be a HG fan too :P She totally reminds me of you xx

  4. i actually would love to live in cornwall. such a beautiful and inspirational place to be with beauty around every corner.


  5. Love this series! It's so great getting to know bloggers better (or maybe I'm just nosy haha!)

    Maria / Moore of this


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