August Playlist

It's quarter to ten and all night I've been wondering if I will get around to writing Wednesday's post. Time seems to be flying by and today almost feels like a Monday to me - you know when your usual routine gets messed up and you feel all over the place? Yeah, I need my routine back pronto.

I've been stumped at what to write but music has really got me through this month. So I thought, yeah why not share with you guys a playlist and hell, why not share it on a monthly basis (don't hold me to this).

It's been a mixture of songs at the moment, with a few old bangers chucked into the mix and some really cringe pop tunes. Those guilty pleasures that I can't stop playing... anyone else suffer from this and annoy their boyfriend in the process? Soz Jack.

One song that is my ultimate obsession this month is Anne-Marie's 'Alarm'. I have only just discovered this wonderful human but my god, her voice is heaven. 

Watch the acoustic version because you might just fall in love a little...

Another song I just had to pop on the list is Maccabees 'Toothpaste Kisses'. It will forever be one of my favourite songs and this week they announced they are "calling it a day". Sad face.

If you haven't listened to Tom Odell's new album, Wrong Crowd you really need it in your life. His lyrics are something else; take a real hard listen to 'Sparrow' in the playlist and you'll soon understand why.

I've realised that Bring Me The Horizon's latest album will probably always feature; since it was released this has been one I always turn to. It's literally perfect for any mood you're in and I adore the lyrics, even if they make your throat hurt after a while.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to tell me below what songs I should be adding to the list,

Hannah x


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely, I'll listen to all the songs now xx

  2. Great playlist you have great taste in music Hannah, I always find myself humming Bring me the Horizon True friends :P

    Meme xx

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  3. I am so gutted The Maccabees are calling it a day, one of my favourite bands! x

  4. Lovely playlist :) x

  5. I love discovering new music, will def check out your Spotify! I've just posted an August playlist too, inspired by my recent holiday. X

  6. That`s a very good playlist. Tom Odell`s voice always gives me goosebumps, wish I could see him live at one point.

  7. Yesss I'm so happy to see Anne Marie on there! I fell in love with the original version of "Alarm." <33

    Emily / Kaiaroes

  8. Kill em with kindness is SUCH A GOOD SONG. I always find myself having a little crazy dance whenever it comes on, haha! These posts are some of my favs- fun yet a little personal :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  9. I'm not normally a fan of her but I'm hooked with Selena's new track!!

  10. Great playlist! I love Bastille's new song! Don't Let Me Down and Kill Them With Kindness are so catchy!


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