How To Survive Travelling With Your Boyfriend

When you're scrolling through Instagram and you see endless holiday spam of happy couples, behind the lense it's not always sunshine and rainbows... but sometimes you get lucky.

In my mind, I wouldn't think about going travelling with anyone other than my boyfriend, Jack. Before we met I never really thought about exploring different cities; the thought of travelling made me anxious but something inside me changed. I'm not sure what it was, but I suddenly fell in love with the idea of cities and before I knew it, Jack and I had booked a trip interrailing which would include hopping off in a few European cities. I had met someone who made me want to explore and gain experiences that will stay with me forever.

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to travelling with Jack, we're not one of those couple's who argue easily. The only reason we fall out is if I'm in a bad mood, usually because I'm hungry.

No matter the length of the trip, constantly travelling together, reading maps, planning your days and getting lost can take its toll. Everyone knows that spending 24/7 with someone can be hard, just take a look at the big brother house... so that's why I've got a list (because I love a good list) of what I think works with travelling with your other half.

Figure out the basics: where do you want to go?

Take as long as you need together to find out what locations you would like to visit and what you want to experience together. If you haven't travelled very much, there's so many options such as tours, interrailing or packages to help you have a stress-free trip. Take a visit to a travel agent together, I'd recommend STA where you can sit down together and discuss your options.


Your partner may have a different budget than you, so make sure you plan how much you will need to book the holiday and the amount of spending money you'll take. The last thing you want to be doing is arguing over money and finding out this whole travelling thing is a little more expensive than first thought.

Plan, plan, plan

Travelling and holidays are always the best with great planning. Get organised, and have all your paperwork, money, visas and suitcases ready a month before you leave. Plan your trip together, and choose day trips you will both enjoy - don't forget to plan while you're there too, it's all about compromise!

Meet new people

One thing I love about travelling is having the chance to meet new people, especially because you never would have it you didn't take the plunge. Spending time with others, especially in the evening can make the trip so much better and add to the memories you share together.

Spend time alone if you need to

We all need alone time to clear our head, so don't be afraid to take an hour to yourself. Whether you're head down in a book or taking a walk. When Jack and I travelled across North America, we were in a tour van and we actually sat on separate ends. You just got to do what works for you, even if you run back to them five minutes later for a cuddle.

Snap away

You're going to make memories that will last a lifetime, so make it one you can remember. Document your trip whether that's through photos, videos or words. You won't regret it.

Have fun and remember why you're doing this

Most importantly, remember to laugh about the hiccups along the way. You booked a trip for a reason so have fun and enjoy this amazing thing together.

Happy travels!

Hannah x


  1. I love the honesty of this post! It's so easy to get carried away looking through instagram and forget that being together 24/7 is bound to get a bit tricky at times! I certainly didn't even consider it when I first when travelling with my boyfriend, and it made me completely bitter when we did bicker. But now I think we've both got used to it and we're actually spending a month in Greece together right now! So far so good :)

    I'm definitely all for taking as many photos as possible!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  2. Spot on.
    I travel a lot with my boyfriend, probably to a reckless point (mainly because I live with him and wherever he goes, I go and vice versa.) We're also both introverts, so we don't tend to go out and meet new people lol. But these are all valid points, especially for those who are just starting to embark on the adventure of travelling with a significant other. I think a huge thing is also just going and seeing how travelling is with them. You also learn whether or not you'll want to stay with them, because if you can't travel with them-- you probably shouldn't stay with them haha (or at least that's what I prioritise.)

    You learn what situations stress the other person out, and no vacation will ever be perfect. But it's definitely something that you also learn about as you go, which is the most fun part about it :)

  3. Great post and thank you for the tips. xx


  4. Awesome tips! I went interrailing around Europe with my boyfriend last summer and it was our first ever holiday away together, apart from a couple of weekends in cities in England. It's such a challenging experience but it was amazing and really secured us as a couple. I love travelling with him and it's always so much fun. xxx

    Y x |

  5. Oh, I love this list! Me and my boyfriend travel sometimes and we have this kind a preparing problem but when we sit down and discuss everything, we can enjoy it!

    Have a nice day xx

  6. Really great post and really great tips! My girl Betti has actually written an article on the same topic for LFB so I can't wait to post it and get your thoughts - she wrote it ages ago but we still need to take some photos for the post before we can post it (oops!)

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  7. Awesome tips! I haven't travelled with my boyfriend yet and we've been together nearly two years lol x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  8. Great tips ! i've never travelled with my boyfriend, like alone, we have with my family but thats different

  9. hahaha the title made me laugh! it's def not always sunshines and rainbows behind the lens. my friend told me about how her and her bf had some arguments here and there throughout their trip. planning like that def helps

  10. I loved reading through this post - hopefully next summer my boyfriend and I will do a bit of travelling so I'll definitely be keeping these tips in mind haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  11. Really great post! I recently went on a big trip with my boyfriend, we have taken trips together before but this was the first big overseas european trip we had done together. We had a blast and are now planning on where we want to go next =o)

  12. Great post! I love the little video you did with packing the suitcase!

  13. This post made me laugh, my chap and I are that annoyingly soppy couple so there's been no problems... unless I want to queue up for 40 minutes to get doughnuts and gelato!!

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  14. Totally relate to how you feel about travelling with Jack, down to hangriness being the starting point for most of my travelling arguments with Ollie! x

    Martha Jane |

  15. These are great tips! I definitely need some alone time during our travels! :)

  16. I'd love to go travelling with my boyfriend, but i can see any couple getting irritated with each other certainly, i love this post idea x

  17. This is such a great post; I'm in the middle of planning a bit of an adventure with my boyfriend, and I genuinely found this so helpful, thank you so much for your honesty!
    francesca | xx

  18. Ahh the honesty is so great in this post. Awesome reminders!

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  19. Love this! It's so important to be aware that traveling together won't always go perfectly. I appreciate your honesty here.

    Keep up the good work :)
    xo E


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