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Today I'm talking to Rhianna from the wonderful blog, Robowecop. Her blog is filled to the brim with lifestyle posts and they are SO real, inspirational and funny. Rhianna is incredibly lovely and I within this little interview, you can find out how she manages to juggle working full time, blogging and weekly vlogging - she's basically superwoman. She's also been doing a lot more fashion posts, which I am absolutely loving and the odd list post chucked into the mix. Basically, if you want a splash of relatability in your blogging reads Rhianna's your girl.

Rhianna tell us what how you got into blogging and what we can expect from Robewecop!

Hi! I started Robowecop when I needed something to fill up my evenings. I was doing a work placement year whilst at University and the novelty of having nothing to do on an evening wore off pretty quickly. I'd been reading blogs for years and never even thought about starting my own - I wish I'd have started one earlier! Robowecop is my place to do with what I please. It very much started off as a beauty blog but as I got into the swing of things it shifted to be more lifestyle based. I still cover bits and bats of beauty (along with everything else I write about) but, for me at least, it's a place where I can just write. I like people to come to my blog and feel like they're talking to a friend - informal, no bullshit, honest about everything from what I think about a foundation to the thoughts in the deepest parts of my brain.

Do you think your blog has changed you in any way, if so how?

Honestly, when I first read this question I thought no. But, thinking about it, I've changed massively! I'm not sure how much of that is due to my blog and how much is due to just natural change but I'd like to think my blog is at least partly to blame (I say that like it's a bad thing - it's definitely not, I've 100% changed for the better). I'm a lot more confident than I was and I thought I was confident then! I also have a much more "idgaf" attitude to things. I don't really care what people think of me anymore (most of the time anyway). It's also made me a lot less weary of the internet. Turns out not everyone who talks to you online is a creepy 50 year old man pretending to be a 15 year old girl like my Mum said.

What is your favourite blogging memory?

That is such a hard question! I'd probably have to narrow it down to two... My first was my first ever blogging event. I travelled down to London from Leeds and met some girls that I'd been talking to online for what felt like forever! They're all such close friends and I love them all a lot - it's crazy to think we met through blogging! My second was probably the event that I ran last Christmas (#LeedsXmasMeet). Don't get me wrong, I flipping hated it. It was the biggest cause of stress in my life for 4-5 months and I was so overjoyed when it was over but I am still so proud of myself that I did it almost completely single-handed. And everyone had a fab day (I hope) so that's what matters I guess! I definitely wouldn't plan an event for 75 people by myself again though... Ha!

Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat?

Twitter, without a doubt. I'm only just getting into Snapchat because I recently got a new phone - my old one's camera was broken so didn't make for a particularly good Snapchat. I absolutely adore Instagram because I'm a really visual person but what with all the new changes I don't love it near as much as I used to. I like the immediacy of Twitter and how easy it is to just chat to people!

Do you find a good balance between blogging and working full time? Do you have any tips on this?

It's taken me a LONG time to find a balance. I've been at my current job almost a year and it's only just starting to feel settled in terms of a blog/work/life balance. And even then I sometimes accidentally go a week without a post going live. I think the key to finding a balance is to cut yourself some slack - you're only human and if you don't want to blog one night then don't. Nobody is going to die if you take a few days off! But at the same time, my main tip is to be organised af. I have a spreadsheet where I plan all my content and bulk take all of my photos at the weekend just to make my life easier. Throw YouTube in the mix, however, and you have all the ingredients for an internet-caused breakdown! I'd say I'm not sure how I do it but most of the time I don't! Trying to post 5 times a week and put 2 videos up a week basically just doesn't happen at the moment!

What's one thing your readers may not know about you?

I'd like to think nothing because I'm such an open person BUT they might not know is that I'm totally obsessed with space. If I was better at science I would have loved to study astronomy or something along those lines - I just find it all so fascinating. (Is that a really rubbish thing?? I'm not great at questions like this SIGH.)

Strawberry laces or chocolate buttons?

Chocolate buttons. No contest. Chocolate > Sweets 4eva.

One thing you wish you knew before blogging? 

I wish I knew how much I loved it so I could have started earlier! That and I wish I'd known that it's okay to share personal things on your blog. I used to really avoid more personal posts because I'd worry what people thought but now I see it as my own little therapy and they're often my reader's favourite posts!

Weekly vlogs! What's your favourite thing about creating these? And also, how you are such a multi-tasking queen?!

WEEKLY! VLOGS! I absolutely love weekly vlogging so much. I started doing them as a one off for Vlogmas last year and loved them so much that I just continued. My favourite thing about creating them is having a sort of diary of my life that I can go and look back on - it's amazing to see how much I've changed even in the 9/10 months I've been making them! And oh my god everyone always asks me "HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME??" but honestly? They don't take that long for me! I only have to dedicate a few hours a week to edit them, everything else is just filming things I would be doing anyway so doesn't really take up any time. I find it so much harder to find the time to film actual videos (as is blatantly obvious from how crap I am at uploading them consistently).

One blog we all need to check out right now?

Am I allowed to say my boyfriend, Joe? Because he is also a blogger (#couplegoals) and his blog is so good! You can find him at Northern Blood where he mostly writes about lifestyle, male fashion and music. He's fab, please follow him. Also follow his Instagram because it's my favourite and he deserves so many more followers!

Where can you find Rhianna?



  1. Great post dear!

  2. I totally agree with Rhianna, with working full time and blogging the key is being super organised!

  3. Rhianna sounds lovely, I've got to check out her blog. I'm always hunting for a good, honest blogger!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. Great post!

    I've been blogging for nearly 7 years now and when looking at old posts, I realise a lot has changed!

    Fashionicide | An Oasis of Colour in a Sea of Nudes

  5. I already follow Rhianna and she's amazing!!


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