Outfit Diaries With Singer Songwriter SheBeat

Hi Jodie, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're wearing

I'm a singer songwriter (SheBeat) from Liverpool now living in Cornwall... 

I love the coast - I guess growing up near water makes you miss it when it's gone... I've lived all over the UK, and each place has something great about it, but I always prefer the coast... I'm going to learn to surf while I'm here, if I can manage it! I wear a lot of H&M (top & skirt), they usually have something I love for work or play when I drop in for a browse on payday & its a bargain heaven, like Forever21... I got my jacket in TopShop - which usually has cool stuff but at a premium ticket price so don't go in too often... The boots are Dune - I do love my shoe collection, & I love a cute boot! 

How has your fashion changed since your teenage years?

I have always loved retro/ classic looks over 'current' trends - so not that much... I discovered the art of vintage and charity shop treasure hunting in Liverpool as a teenager... then I use  cheap & cheerful high street staples...  

What has always been your one fashion inspiration?

I would say the 60s is my inspo, I love the music, the hair and the fashion so much... my blunt 60s fringe brings me much joy on a daily basis haha I can't believe I only had it cut in about 5 years ago!

How has music influenced you as a person?

It's such a huge part of my life, I don't remember ever not loving music! It's the reason I'm in the job I am, the reason I've made the friends I have & the reason I met my boyfriend! That covers everything, right? 

Do you like to accessorise, if so what's your main go-to piece?

I love a good hat! I have too many... seriously, wait till you see how many berets I have! I like the odd bit of jewellery now and then - my friend gave me the 'happy' necklace I'm wearing for my birthday just gone...  I love massive shades too... Today my sunnies are from awesome brand Pop Boutique (stores across UK and online https://www.pop-boutique.com) , it's new stuff/ retro style, with vintage bits thrown in - they even sell second hand vinyl on the counter in store - love it!

What's a typical outfit you would wear to your gig?

I am a dress & boots or heels kind of gal when I'm gig-ready! I sometimes wear a bowler hat too but it's getting a bit battered from life on the road haha think I might need a new one! And lippy, got to have my lippy on! 

One musician you'd love to swap lives with for a day and why?

That is so hard to answer! I wouldn't want to swap lives, I'd want to hang out with them - having said that it's always a risk meeting your heroes incase they're having a bad day and you get the end result! I'd like be an indie pop kid like aussie singer songwriter Courtney Barnett if I could pick, she's super cool, successful, but still under the radar somewhat - must be a good place to be! 

How many lipsticks do you own and which one is your favourite?

I am not that slick with makeup so I try and stick to simple but strong - a good red or pink on the lips works well for me - I loved a 60s style pale pink MAC used to do called Rizzo, I've  since graduated to their Pink Nouveau which has more purple tones... 

Heels or flats?

Heels please - I'm not very tall, 5'4" - I love another 4/5 inches especially when I'm performing, but recently I had a bad knee so I've been forced into flats against my will haha I'm so against it I've been going on stage in stockinged feet instead!

What's one song of yours we should all listen to? 

One of my fav songs is inspired by a Todd White picture of the same name 'Always on the Run' - it's on iTunes etc but you can listen to it on Soundcloud. 

I made my first music video last year for my first EP for track She Never Sleeps Alone - (another Todd White painting).

Where we can find you?

I have music available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify those sorts of places... 

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  1. Loofa that necklace and jacket :D

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