6 More Things To Add To Your Netflix List

YES. NETFLIX BABY. I'm back with another Netflix recommendations and I've got some crackers... We've got quite a mixed bag today, you could call it a pick and mix... We've got maltesers, flying saucers to strawberry laces (wtf am I talking about?). With a few documentaries which make you think to a more feel good, drag queen show for when you're in need of a pick me up.

Don't forget to tell me your faves in the comments!

Amanda Knox

This is my most recent watch and after reading confusing tweets about this, I had to give it a watch. I honestly have no idea what to think about this documentary. Amanda Knox is basically a woman who was convicted and acquitted twice of murder of her housemate in Italy. It shows real images, videos and interviews of the case and is completely gripping. Usually I have an opinion on if someone committed a crime or not, but this one has you second guessing throughout. Amanda Knox is a completely strange character, she's quite cold and generally odd - which makes the watch even more crazy.

RuPaul's Drag Race

This is such a feel good TV show. I haven't watched it for well over a year but then over a friend's house while eating spaghetti we turned it on and ugh I'm hooked again. RuPaul is an American drag queen and this show features drag queens from across America all taking part in competitions to be the next new drag superstar. Sometimes you'll want to tear your hair out but moments later you'll be crying with laughter.

RuPaul, you are fabulous.

Stranger Things

Do I really need to say anything about Stranger Things? It has swept the world and frankly, I'm not surprised. This short series is only eight episodes long and you could probably watch it within a few days. A young boy disappears, and his mum, friends and a strange girl battle forces to get him back. Give me season 2 now! And Barb seriously is bae, even if no one else things it in the actual show.

Who Took Johnny

Another documentary, and this time it looks back on the disappearance of Johnny Gosch. He was taken on his morning paper round and never seen again. It was thought that he was taken for the child sex industry and the doc follows Johnny's mum and her journey to find the truth, which later helps change a few laws in America. This is really well filmed and edited with interviews and weird twists and turns.

P.S. This is literally me, well not literally, but basically me watching any documentary...

A Girl Like Her

If girls are really this horrible, well blow me. This really hit a nerve when I watched this and it's something which should be shown in schools everywhere. It's basically a film of a documentary about bullying, a girl commits suicide and a hidden camera reveal everything that happened. It exposes the 'queen bee' for who she really is and shows the harsh realities of what secondary school can really be like. Definitely worth a watch and you'll probably be a sobbing mess like me.


Ali Wong Baby Cobra

I stumbled upon this when I was doing my friend's nails, it was shellac so obvs we needed some form of entertainment to keep us going. We switched this on and damn, were we happy we did. If you're after a female comedian who is down right dirty, straight talking and laugh out loud funny this is your girl. This stand up show has you hooked from the start, Ali Wong is so sarcastic and isn't afraid of telling you how it is. Plus, she's pregnant and hilarious with it.

Hannah x


  1. Heck yes to all these! Especially RuPaul of course ;) just finished Season 7 and it was amaze xx


  2. A Girl Like Her is a brilliant film, I cried so much! Stranger Things is on my list!

    Serena / http://ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

  3. a girl like her sounds just right up my alley! going to check it out. this is a wonderful list!

  4. I never know what to watch on netflix! Loved Stranger Things so will have to check out your other recommendations!
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

  5. I watched Ali Wong a few weeks ago and could not stop laughing! I love her =o)


  6. I've never heard of any of these before. I'll definitely have to give a few of them a try. Amanda Know looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


  7. So many of these sound interesting but I am terrible at watching sad movies or shows. That Who Took Johnny documentary sounds so interesting that I may have to watch it, feelings be damned!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  8. Thank you for these great tips, I will definitely keep them in mind!


    Lucrezia ♥ (http://www.lucreziacandelori.com)

  9. Oooo sounds like I need to watch the Amanda Knox documentary, sounds intriguing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  10. Thanks for the recommendations! Most of these were new to me but YES Stranger Things was incredible as was the Amanda Knox documentary. I honestly remember the case in the media and thinking she was guilty based on how the media spun the story, but after becoming older and more apt to questioning the media as well as seeing as this documentary, I am honestly not so sure. Great list - will be sharing it in my weekend reads so be on the lookout for that!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  11. I was very sick last week and watched all of Stranger Things in one day.... YES one day. Still needing to watch the Amanda Knox so thank you for reminding me :)

    nat // dignifiable

  12. I really need to get around to watching Drag Race! Might have to have a pj day and binge watch!xo


  13. i LOVED the knox documentary, xx


  14. A Girl Like Her and Amanda Knox are both on my watch list now! Thanks for the recommendations! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajaneedwards.com

  15. I really need to check out the Amanda Know documentary! Me and my mo, would love it :) Thanks for the recommendations xx

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.com

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  17. Stranger Things was just amazing!!! Finished the first season in 2 days haha! Can't wait for the second one that's coming in 2017. I'm excited!
    My friend also recommended me to watch 'A Girl Like Her' but I just didn't have time. :(
    Will watch it soon for sure. Thanks for the recommendations!
    Much love,



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