16 October 2016

Outfit Diaries With Kallum

Oh hey - are you getting bored of these yet? I hope not because I find them so enjoyable to shoot and create, plus I'm doing them with people I absolutely love. This is Kallum, you'll hear all about him in a moment but I just wanted to touch upon how swell he is. This dear friend of mine is one of a kind and unfortunately he left me to, perhaps you could say, find himself on the other side of the world. Although I'm 100%, totally, completely happy for him; when he's not here I do crave those night's lying on his bed, listening to mellow tunes and sipping upon hot bevvies. But whatever, he's still a text away. Now, enjoy this outfit diaires with a tattoed, literature fanatic.

Hey Kal, tell us what you're wearing and why you chose this outfit

Yahoo, howdy’, today I’m clad in a few of my favourite things: my trusty Topman jeans which have travelled eleven times zones and ten thousand miles to be here, my Levi’s denim jacket which cost a budget-busting £10 and my Authentic Black Vans. I chose this outfit because it’s cold in England hey! I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t acclimatized.

Describe your style in 3 words - Does charity shop chic count?

Tattoos. What's the story? 

Hey so this is a funny one, I’ve had a few and then have had those few covered up but I guess that’s life! Funny story though, picture it: newly eighteen, young, na├»ve, going through a phase and my dad picks me up on his limited edition Kawasaki 1000 (it’s a motorbike, I only learnt that yesterday), and drives me to his pal's house, next thing I know I’m sipping a brew, sat in an old armchair and choosing tattoo designs. 

You've moved to Australia - how has this influenced your style?

I’m a firm believer in that as soon as you loose your shoes your quality of life improves astronomically! I mean what’s not to love about salty hair and sandy feet hey? Granted the Australian climate does permit a more barefoot friendly thoroughfare but I’m hopeful. Other than that Thrift Shopping is a huge part of Australian fashion particularly in places such as Byron Bay, Port Douglas and Glebe Market – it’s great, it’s affordable and opportunistic. A Thrift Store in Byron Bay has actually just set up an online store, which is rad, its called Mr Vintage, and definitely worth checking out. 

Who or what is your fashion inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I had a fashion inspiration other than that I’m surrounded by a rugged coastline and creative individuals which all influence me subconsciously. For as long as I can remember my good friend Jack has been clad head to toe in Topman, coastal tones have been a massive feature in my wardrobe and who doesn’t love a ripped jean? 

Favourite accessory and why?

My child's size Ripcurl floral snapback, because A) Contrary to popular belief I have a tiny head and B) It saves me at least ten minutes getting ready each morning. 

That's an impressive beard, any secrets?

Patience and a steady hand! I’ve been through one too many awkward, albeit accidental shaves, to get to where I am today and even now there’s still a pesky little patch that’s failing to commit. 

Cosy evenings - what do you wear?

Two t-shirts, my Blue Bar hoody, no jeans and a pair of socks – it’s all about compromise right?

Knitted jumpers or denim jacket?

Denim Jacket but hey why not wear both? Share the love. 

How does your fashion reflect you as a person?

A few words come to mind, mainly rugged, thrown together and inexpensive but I do think style is one of those things, people wear clothes that they feel comfortable in and I do believe that says a lot about a person – but it’s certainly not a tangible identifier I’ve known people to be clothed in aggressive looking leather trousers and dark make-up 24/7 but then would go home and watch girly rom-coms and cry at the Notebook. 

Do you think your style will change in 10 years time?

I’ll be thirty-three so we can only hope that I own a decent set of muted cardigans, a wax Barbour jacket and the finest loafers I can afford! All jokes aside I hate change so I would rather say it would evolve, I mean it’s all good wearing broken vans and ripped jeans in your twenties but I can’t see that being a viable outfit choice when I’m chained to a 9-5 office job ha! 

What is the first thing you notice about other people's style?

It’s not necessarily style related but when I first notice an individual I tend to notice their posture – I think the way you carry yourself says a lot about a person. 

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Lazily, if it were before midday, you would probably find me in bed, asleep or with a coffee, phone turned off and no alarm. I’m a big fan of lazy Sunday mornings without a phone; I think we all need a little disconnection if only for one morning a week. 

Hannah x


  1. I wish I could get my boyfriend to pose for me. Sadly...he normally point blank refuses to let me shoot a camera at him! These photos of Kallum are lovely, such a great location.

    Also absolutely in looooove with his stag tattoo. My boyfriend has one too on the other side of his arm!

    katie ♥ lacoconoire.com

  2. I love a denim jacket, it looks so good with this outfit too!
    Aleeha xXx

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