30 October 2016

Outfit Diaries In The Swiss Mountains

I'm so happy I get to introduce you to one of my beautiful friends, Katharina. I was lucky enough to meet her on our travels across North America, where we travelling on a rickety bus with a group of strangers from New York to San Fransisco. I will never forget it, and we all made memories that will last a lifetime. 

A few months ago she invited Jack and I over to stay with her in Switzerland and of course we said yes. A year had passed since our trip to the states, so we had the most amazing time catching up and exploring her own little country. You can read more about it and take a look at my Photo Diary here, but for now, we're doing an Outfit Diaries with this lovely lady. I adore her fashion and personally, I think it matches her personality to a tee. She's so kind and full of life, and I can already tell that you're going to love her...

Hey Katharina! Tell us what you're wearing and where it's from?

I'm wearing a dress from Brandy Melville and I bought it in the Old Town of Zurich when it was on sale. My earrings are a present from my mum - she bought them for me for finishing my first year as a Midwifery student. We bought them at Loeb in Bern, Switzerland.

At what age did you find your style?

Probably at 19. I always liked the same kind of style - a simple chic and natural style with a touch of Indian influence or Hippie. But as a teenager, I didn't really feel brave enough to always wear what I liked. But then I started to experiment and sometimes I would walk around very chic and then the next, barefoot with henna, coloured hair and a hippie dress.

Why do you love being bare foot? 

I just love to feel the ground on my feet and to feel the different types of structure of it. I also love that my feet are free and not imprisoned in tight shoes. I don't really know how to explain it but I just feel free and can breathe a lot better when I don't need to wear shoes - it's relaxing. I especially love to walk on grass (I like how you bounce on the earth and how it tickles). Another surface I like is carpets or to walk over hot stone pathways and then pour cold water over my feet and just walk for a while in the puddles!

Do you like to be cosy or dressy? 

I prefer to be dressed up in a cosy, natural way. I also like to dress down for a few days, with no makeup at all. Then I like to put some on when I feel like it with a nice dress and perfume. I don't need a special occasion for that, I just do it whenever I like.

Would you say you had a bohemian sense of style? Does this also show who you are as a person too? 

To be honest I didn't even know that there was a bohemian style until you told me. So I can't say I do or I don't! I guess I will leave this question to others to answer. To answer the second part, I guess I first would have to know what a bohemian style exactly is right? But I'd say in general does the style of a person tell others something about them? This is a really difficult question. Maybe I could say that when I generally think of my clothes, I think of cosy, colourful, heartwarming and variation. And I think this might be a little bit like me. But I don't really know if my clothes reflect me. Sometimes I feel like they are the complete opposite. For example, sometimes when I feel down I will wear something that cheers me up - and then my mood disappears.

Where do you like to shop - are you a shopaholic or a bargain buyer?

There is no particular place I shop. I'm a bargain buyer and I usually only buy clothes that are on sale. I also have to buy clothes abroad instead of Switzerland because I like to have unique pieces.

What's your fashion inspiration?

I let myself be inspired by colours I see in nature. For example, when I go hiking or just for a run. Also I love the simplicity of Coco Chanel and so I try to keep my style simple yet unique with special patterns, accessories and colours. I also always try my clothes on before I buy them and if I feel pretty and myself in it and only if I feel comfortable.

Tell us about this beautiful location - where are you and why is this spot so special to you? 

We are at my parent's cottage in Hemberg, Switzerland. It's a very special place because my grandparents built this house and I have spent a few holidays here as a child. I love it here because it's so quiet and peaceful, with no distractions. There's no internet and we have to heat with wood. You can just relax and sit by the fire in the evening.

If you could give us one piece of fashion advice what would it be?

Only wear what you feel comfortable in. What you dress in should show off your personality, otherwise, you disappear and it's just something someone told you to wear. Nothing looks worse than a woman feeling uncomfortable in her clothes, like when you see someone pulling at their skirt or blouse. Also, there are just some clothes that don't suit you but your friends look fab in. Then you wear it, and you just look and feel like a fried chicken... So it's better to just follow with your gut instead of fashion magazines and trends.

Tell me below your thoughts and follow Katharina here on Instagram for dreamy snaps of Switzerland.

Hannah x


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the story of how you two met =o) You can meet so many interesting people while traveling =o)


  2. Such incredible photos - I loved this post so much Hannah! It was lovely to get to know Katharina and her style. So cool how you guys met too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. It's so lovely that you have a friend in another country, and your photos are gorgeous! x

    Always, Alice

  4. Ahhh she's got an awesome sense of style! Great idea to take some photos of her! Alice xx


  5. Beautiful post and what a great way to get to know your friend :)

    xoxo Emily

  6. The location likes like a really vivid dream. The colors are amazing. Great post! :]

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