27 November 2016

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves St Ives

There are two places in Cornwall that are my ultimate favourite places to escape to; Portreath and St Ives. Both spots are beside the sea, offering the most peaceful and beautiful views imaginable. The blue tones complimented by the fresh air makes it my happy place, to remove myself from the noise around me.

My friend Becky came down to visit and we decided to head down to St Ives, along with my boyfriend to grab a bite to eat and get our stroll on. I wrapped up with my Topshop scarf and massive baby pink bobble hat - yet luckily it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, so the walk was just perfect. We snapped away, taking shots of the sea which was looking more dreamy than ever.

I'm also showing off my beautiful new Nike trainers* from Simply Be, what a find! They are great for walks like this one and they also do the job when I head on the treadmill, so what a win. They are lightweight and cushioned making them a really supportive and comfortable all round shoe - and luckily my others are on their last legs. On this occasion, I wore them with skinny jeans and I reckon I can get away with wearing them for weekend strolls like this one, rather than keeping them hidden at home purely for workouts. 

I would do a full outfit details, but the majority of what I'm wearing is purely from my boo, Topshop!

Now, on to the reasons St Ives is just heavenly...

Food with a view

Mainly I'm talking about the Hub here, a rustic burger joint inspired by Brooklyn. It's mine and Jack's favourite place to eat, and we go there waaaay too often. There are more dotted around such as in Truro, Exeter and one coming soon to Bristol. Visitors and locals love the places to eat in St Ives, mainly offering fresh seafood with everyone giving a really friendly welcome. Many places give you the chance to sit on a balcony, with harbour views while you keep warm under heat lamps - cosy eh?

The colourful harbour

The harbour is the main feature I look out for when I step foot in St Ives, the lighthouse is probably the photo everyone takes when they visit - and I don't blame them! Nothing beats a quiet weekend, walking beside the harbour and watching the boats come in and out. But everyone knows to watch out for those fat seagulls, they will most certainly take your pasty - in fact, on this day I watched this exact thing happen. Poor guy.

The cobbled streets

Everyone loves walking the cobbled streets of St Ives, whether it's beside the shops, along the harbour or venturing further up towards The Island - there's something special around every corner.

The most friendly New Year's Eve you'll go to

I have been to St Ives for New Year's Eve twice now and each time was magical. Thousands of people travel down to attend for the fancy dress, fireworks, music and celebrations. Everyone has the BEST time, it's unlike anywhere else.

The 'tropical' beaches

The beaches in St Ives offer white sandy beaches, like something you would find abroad. It's no wonder so many people are drawn to this location during the summer. From Porthmeor to Porthminster, there will always be a beach you will fall in love with.

The unique and quirky shops

There are so many quirky and wonderful shops in St Ives, some well known brands to beautiful independent stores, galleries and goodies. We're talking fudge, ice cream, art, souvenirs, clothing and so much more. They're usually very small shops, on cobbled streets - making them an Instagrammer's dream.

Have you ever visited?

Hannah x

*This post contains gifted items and all views are my own.


  1. Wow, St Ives looks beautiful! I am hoping to visit Cornwall this summer. I imagine it's very similar to Wales :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. I love St Ives! Would love to see what it's like at New Year too :)
    PS. These photos are gorgeous!


  3. I've never visited St. Ives but would love to go! It looks so peaceful and serene =o)


  4. Great photos Hannah! One of my favourite places too! ❤

  5. It looks so lovely! I've still not been to Cornwall which is ridiculous. I will get there next year!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. Lovely pictures! I never been to St. Ives but on my next trip to Cornwall I think I make a visit there!


  7. Wonderful post, this place looks beautiful!


  8. This place looks amazing!



  9. Such beautiful photos - I would love to visit


  10. It looks like such a gorgeous place! And that hat of yours looks crazily snug. NEED.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  11. This place looks amazing, such stunning pictures x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  12. I've only been to St Ives once and absoloutely loved it, I'd love to re-visit!

    Lucy | Forever September


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