20 November 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind Love From Berlin

Honestly guys, you are about to read about such an inspiring lady, Rae from the beautiful blog Love from Berlin is here with a little interview in a feature I like to call 'Meet The Blogger'. I adore everything about Rae; her visions, thoughts, fashion to her Instagram feed. I am always so interested in what she has to say, her mind is filled with thoughtful and life-changing insights on conscious living and she makes you think about the world around you. She's much more than your average blogger, she's her own woman on a mission to do incredible things...

Hi Rae, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog, Love from Berlin (LFB)

Hey there! My name, as you already know, is Rae. I am a 29 year-old Ex-pat from the US who has been living in Berlin, Germany for the past 7 years. I have two adorable kitties with two unfortunate names - Hexe (witch) and Hummel (Bumble bee). They were named by the woman who took care of them when they were originally rescued, I claim no responsibility! I am a raging workaholic with a million and one food allergies and have a penchant for ginger beer, have a secret desire to become an indie rock star, and have a love for skateboarding despite being a novice. I love binge watching Netflix, trips to the museum, and spending time with my friends and family (when I get to see them!)

Love from Berlin is my little space on the internet that I created a few years ago. It is a personal lifestyle blog which centers on living consciously. It features tips and tricks on living consciously, interior finds from Pinterest as well as my own interior adventures, travel posts, posts about independent shops and places in Berlin, fashion, my own personal thoughts on just about everything, conscious organic beauty and health tips, as well as inspirational photography and art.

What was the inspiration behind LFB?

I can honestly say that I cannot remember a time where I didn’t have a blog. I started with Live Journal and Xanga back in the day, moved to blogger, and then finally made the leap to self-hosted wordpress. My first blogs were very personal and functioned as a diary that I only shared with those I actually knew in real life. I then progressed to blogging openly. My first public blog was called “Love for Schoolgirl” and focused on my love of schoolgirl-influenced fashion and other fashion related things. And while I did and still do love fashion, during this period in my blogging career, I realised that only blogging about fashion limited me and did not really capture who I really was. Although Love from Berlin does not capture EVERYTHING about who I am, it is a much more well-rounded representation of me and my beliefs. I decided to blog about conscious lifestyle because at the time there were very few blogs out there talking about politics. the environment, and other topics in addition to fashion and beauty. Because of this, I decided to create a lifestyle blog encompassing all of that and more.  

Conscious living is a huge focus point, what is one message you'd like LFB readers to come away with?

For me living consciously is all about having intentions behind all of your actions and not making choices without thinking them through. It also means caring about the world around you - the people, environment, and animals in it - as well as taking care of yourself. It’s about staying politically informed and socially conscious. And it is about doing all of these things in a balanced way, for being dogmatic about anything is never the answer.

I am in love with your style, how did you find your personal style and where is your go-to shop?

Thank you so much! I think that personal style is just an accumulation of all the different periods of your life combined into who you are today. I started thrifting around 12 when I was in middle school and thrifting/buying second hand has remained a huge part of my life. I love taking different pieces that represent different versions of me at different periods of time and combining them in interesting ways. Besides thrifting, I am a huge lover of Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill as well as the various flea-markets in Berlin.

I am such a fan of your 'Anatomy of an Outfit' posts, tell us a little bit more about this feature

Thank you! This is related to number two. Basically for me I did not feel comfortable posting 25 photos of me looking basically the same, writing where my clothes were from, and pressing publish. While I am not slating any fashion bloggers who do blog this way, it is not for me and were I to do that, it would feel very gratuitous. Therefore, I decided to add a bit of depth to my outfit posts by using these posts as a platform for my own thoughts concerning anything from love to failure to women’s rights.

Share three blogs you think everyone should be following!

I am a huge fan of: 

Where's one spot in Berlin you think everyone should visit?

Oh god, it’s impossible to pick just one, but seeing as a lot of the places I love can also be found in guidebooks, I will throw out a personal fav of mine: Shakespeare and Sons on Warshauer Strasse in Friedrichshain. It’s an English-run bagel/book shop and I am proud to call myself a regular.

What is one blog post that springs to mind that you are really proud of?

This post back from February 22, 2014 it's still one of my favorites. It is all about my true feelings on fashion and I think it is still pretty relevant today.

Do you have any tips on those wishing to start a blog?

To just go for it, but to also be aware of how much work goes into blogging, especially since the blogging world is so saturated these days. This is not a reason to be discouraged or to not pick up blogging, but it is important to remain realistic in terms of blog growth when just beginning. At the end of the day though, even if it sounds like a tired cliche, you have to blog because you love it first and foremost. There is no shame or anything wrong with the desire to turning your blog into a successful career - I am working on just that myself! - but these things do not happen overnight and in order to actually become successful, you need an honest passion for blogging, especially because a lot of the work can be thankless and time-consuming.

What's #theCLMovement and how can we get involved?

The is a hashtag I created in order to grow the community. I want LFB to be more than just a space full of my own thoughts and ideas - I want it to be an exchange-changed superhighway - a community for like-minded people. If you post anything related to conscious lifestyle, then please hashtag it on Twitter or Insta so I can find it or shoot me an email! Read more about the movement here.

Where can you find Rae?

Blog • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest 

How interesting was that?! She is a real gem in the blogging world - let me know in the comments if you're a fan of Rae's blog or if you've discovered a new found love!

If you fancy, take a read of a little interview I did on Rae's blog all about my thoughts on conscious living back in June.

Hannah x



  1. Ahh I love Rae's blog and this was so interesting to read <3


  2. Rae's blog is great and so inspirational ! I love how she talks about living consciously and it's helped me so so much :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Thank you so much Marianne! It means so much to me that you enjoy LFB!

  3. she's my favorite. thank you for this lovely interview. this is super nice xx

  4. I love posts like these where you get to know a bit about someone else. I love Rae's blog and I was incredibly happy to have found out a bit more about her through this post! x


  5. I wasn't familiar with Rae's blog but will be sure to check it out. I am fairly new to blogging myself and love how welcoming the blogging community is. Yea, it is saturated but everyone can find their niche! Thanks for sharing.
    Jaz xoxo


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