12 Ways To Get That Festive Feeling

This is the first time in years I've truly felt that festive feeling. I'm not sure what it is, but everything feels magical and I'm fully embracing the winter season, in like the first time ever. I hate being cold and everything that comes with it. But something about this year is different and I hope it doesn't go too fast, like the rest of this year has.

Get those festive drinks in ya

I've been absolutely loving mulled wine this year, it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you haven't had some yet, go get a bottle right now - you won't regret it. I also got sent some Beanies flavoured coffee* a few weeks ago, and I'm obsessed with the Christmas Pudding one. I've been having them at work to keep those festive vibes topped up.

Head to a market and grab a German sausage

This wasn't a very photogenic outing - hence no photo to go with it, but having a Bockwurst sausage has to be on your Christmas to-do list. That was the one thing I was searching for when I went Christmas shopping, forget about the presents, get a Bockwurst in me. 

Get baking some mince pies

So, I'm not much of a baker but if you want to get seriously festive, baking is the one. I watched (that's the closest I'll come) baked some mince pies and they were so delicious. That's the best thing about Christmas, all of the amazing food that you just can't stop eating.

Watch Home Alone

Obviously a Christmassy film has to be squeezed in at least once a week with the lead up to Christmas. Home Alone certainly does not disappoint, and neither does The Grinch.

Head to Primark for some festive PJs

Whether you get a Christmas jumper or silky PJs, buying something to wear this festive season makes it so much better. My next mission, find PJs with mince pies on.  

Get lushified 

Need I say more? Heading into Lush just before Christmas is a treat for all the senses. One thing I LOVE this time of year is Snow Fairy, it is quite an overpowering scent but one you just can't get enough of. It's also shimmery, making it the perfect pick me up after a long day. I've also started to use Dream Cream, a body and hand moisturiser which I am loving. It smells herby, with oats, chamomile. extra virgin olive oil and organic cocoa butter. My body loves me for it!

Decorate a tree

Last week I went over to my boyfriend's to decorate his tree, I've never had a real Christmas tree so it was so much fun decorating it and seeing how it turned out. It makes me excited for having my very own!

Go wild with fairy lights

Around lights, over your bed, hanging from the wall - you name it, let's get fancy up in here. 

Make a Christmas playlist or mixed CD

I've resulted to listening to Spotify playlists as I've lost my Michael Buble Christmas album *cries*. But fear not, let's just make a playlist instead! 

Wrap presents in one sitting

I got a little bit carried away late November when I bought so many presents and wrapped them all in one go. Although this got me feeling SO festive, I actually wish I did it around this time. Oh well, well done past Hannah for being Mrs Oganised. 

Sprinkle some glitter

Christmas nails anyone? YES.

Buy a Christmas dress that makes you feel sexy

There are some AMAZING glittery Christmas dresses in Topshop at the moment. You're probably going to end up at a Christmas party or going out for celebrations, so get yourself a fancy frock. You earned it. 

What makes you feel festive?

Hannah x

*This post contains gifted items and all views are my own.


  1. I love all of these ideas!! It reminds me that I really need to head down to LUSH, and oh my those beanies drinks look delicious!! I've just posted a mince pie post too :) http://monochromeroses.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/deliciously-ella-mince-pies.html I would love if you could check it out lovely x

  2. I'm actually going to bake some mince pies next week - best thing about Christmas!
    A Story of a Girl

  3. I just went to the Christkindlmart in Chicago on Friday and really felt the Christmas spirit =o)


  4. Christmas pudding coffee WHAT? Where has this bean (haha cheeky pun there) all my life?!?!


  5. I feel like December is running away without me! I need to do some more festive things ASAP! So many things to add to my list here x

    Martha Jane Edwards | http://www.marthajaneedwards.com

  6. Amazing post, thanks for sharing. I love these ideas for getting that festive feeling :)

    Camille xo


  7. Doing my nails all christmassy is a big highlight for me haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog www.rochellefox.com.au and my latest VLOG

  9. HELL YES! We just watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2 last Saturday while sipping hot drinks. Next up, heading out to buy Christmas candy!



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