How To Get Christmassy At The Office

Being stuck in work can seem like a drag...  but not when you've teamed together to make it festive af.

If you have forgotten to book annual leave over Christmas, don't sweat it, I've got tips to make it more than bearable. 

Cotton Traders kindly sent me a Christmas package* as part of their Winter Warmer campaign, it was filled with festive treats from coffee syrups to a Christmas CD. I couldn't believe all of the goodies.

They asked me to surprise my colleagues and I thought it was the best idea ever; what better way to get into the festive spirit than enjoying it with your friends? The box arrived at work, and it was a biggun. We all watched with love heart emoji faces and yep, the festive feeling arrived.

According to Cotton Traders, almost half of the UK will work over the festive weeks but it's not all bad as people say, the best thing about it is the happy and laidback atmosphere and office treats.

So, this box of treats got me thinking... how can we make the workplace a more festive place during Christmas?

Arrange a lunchtime Christmas party

Everyone loves an excuse to step away from their desks, and what better way than to invite people to your xmas bash. Bring in food (mince pies are a must), drink, games and even a few props like the ones my lovely colleagues are posing with above!

Switch up the background noise

Whether you're lucky enough to have a Now That's Christmas CD lying around or you pop on a Spotify playlist, switch things up with Christmassy tunes - you won't regret it.

Swap bland coffee with indulgent delights

Sometimes when we're feeling ill, one of us in the office will come in with some hot chocolate. It instantly makes you feel better and more snug. A few of us at work have been feeling a little poorly, and an indulgent bevvy certainly hits the spot. Monin syrups are AMAZING, and I can't wait to make my way through all the flavours I found in the package. Coffee just got a lot more exciting.

Decorate the hell outta your space

Get the decorations up in the office, it doesn't matter if they've been lying in a box for years - any piece of frayed tinsel will do the job. Don't ignore that tree ornament, you can find a home for it on your desk.

Share away, preferably a box of Quality Street or if you're feeling fancy, Green and Blacks

Treat the office to a box of goodies, once you receive an email with the subject line - "choc in kitchen" you'll be in everyone's good books for at least a week. Get sharing, that's what Christmas is about - and getting a little pudgy.

Secret Santa!

If you don't do Secret Santa, who are you? This is the one thing that gets me so excited, even if I can't find anything decent for a fiver. There are lots of Secret Santa websites online that make it easy to randomly assign you to people, and you can even make wishlists!

How do you make work festive over Christmas? Oh and shout out to my digi crew for being the best people to work with, and posing with silly props!

Hannah x

*Cotton Traders kindly sent me this festive package as part of their Winter Warmer campaign - and it certainly made us feel warm and cosy at the office!


  1. I love Secret Santa! That's such great tips you shared, thank you :) x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  2. Great post! My office didn't decorate at all until I asked if we could have some poinsettias. It has really changed the holiday spirit in the office =o)

  3. Nice post!

  4. ah love this! x

  5. Great post.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest post

  6. Aww this is such a thoughtful package. I completely agree, Monin syrups are gorgeous. They make coffee that little bit better!

    jen / velvet spring xxx

  7. Speaking of decorating the hell out of your space... we do an organisation wide decorating competition! This year we had white t-shirts covering most of the office as if it has snowed with two fully decorated trees. I don't know how I'll ever work somewhere that doesn't do Christmas! Such a lovely idea!

  8. mary x mass my fellow blogger

  9. Decorations definitely give off a Christmas vibe. x


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