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Happy hump day! We're one step closer to Christmas and today we have a little interview with a blogger who will definitely have her xmas outfit ready. I was so happy when Robyn agreed to take part in my feature, Meet The Blogger. She is always coming up with inspirational posts, whether that's a new outfit for an event or a lifestyle post to read after a busy day. I am in love with Robyn's personal style and the confidence that comes with it, she has totally inspired me to find my own personal style in 2017. So, let's find out a little more from the blogger herself!

Hi Robyn, firstly tell us a little bit about Phases Of Robyn and how it all started

I like to think of Phases Of Robyn as a place full of fashion, but with styles that anyone can recreate and at affordable prices. I always loved finding and sharing really good bargains so that was the main idea around creating my blog, and it kinda just went from there! When I got my first job at 15, I would always spend all of my money on new clothes and in some way it was where I found my confidence - I felt good about myself when I thought I was wearing clothes that looked good but that I also felt comfortable in. The blog started when I left University (because I was studying maths and I hated it, lol) - I needed something to fill my time while I was job searching, and while I was recovering from a bit of a mental health struggle.

How did you know that fashion blogging is something you wanted to do? 

After I'd been doing it for a couple of months I just found that it was something I enjoyed doing and I wasn't writing/taking photos for the sake of it. I've never had a hobby that I've been really into like this, and meeting so many bloggers in the community was a great way to find confidence when I was in a bit of a low point.

Do you think having a niche is important when it comes to blogging?

Not really! I blog about mostly fashion, because that's my fave, but I also dabble in a load of other topics that I also love, including bargain beauty buys, lifestyle posts, photography and mental health tips. I just write about whatever I feel like, especially if I need to get something off my chest. It's as much a way for me to write about my feelings as it is for my readers to have something to read.

What is one blog post you're especially proud of?

Funnily enough, not even a fashion post! Earlier this year I wrote a post called 29 Things Most Girls Do But Don't Admit To - and it's got about 10 times as many views as any of my other posts. In real life I'm quite a sarcastic girl and I quite like creating funny posts such as this!

What's your favourite high street shop and why?

I think I'd have to go with New Look. It's one of those shops I've shopped at for a million years, and as I'm not one for spending hundreds on one item, it works for me. I've also collaborated with them on loads of fashion posts and I find that they're just a really friendly, good quality and affordable brand.

Who's your style inspiration?

I don't have a particular inspiration, but I find myself heading to certain blogs when I'm in need of some style advice. People like Megan Ellaby, Liv Purvis and Lily Melrose are my favourites - I just find they're slightly quirky, but still have outfits that I can easily recreate!

You're killing it at Instagram, tell us your secret to an amazing feed!

Thank you! You wanna know my secret? I have no secret 😉! I post what I want, when I want. It looks like I have a theme, but I really don't, I just take my photos in a similar-ish way so they kinda look ok when they're on Instagram. Last year I was so conscious of having a matching Instagram theme, but now I just post anything and hope that it works. One secret I have is that I keep them all a similar 'temperature' and I also take a bit of yellow out of them on Photoshop. Another thing I guess I do is that I don't post JUST for the sake of it - I used to think I needed to post 2/3 times a day so people would see me more and would engage, but then I found my feed was filled with kinda unnecessary photos. Now I post 1/2 times a day with content I'm really happy with.

How do you find confidence in taking outfit shoots, does it come with time? Any tips for those wanting to try doing more outfit posts?

I gosh, trust me you just have to go for it! Many moons ago I was shooting in my back garden, then it moved to a little road near my house, and now I take them literally anywhere. I think to find confidence you just have to take photos in stages - start off somewhere local where nobody is really around, then build up to more busy areas. In the back of my mind I've always got 'just remember how cool these pictures will look on my Insta' haha! Your photos will be easier if you have someone you trust taking your photos too - I started off with a self-timer, then a friend helped me, and now my dad does them all (he's a photographer, mua ha ha). Having someone who you can 'let loose' with will help! Have fun with it and don't care about people who watch, you're a SUPERSTAR!

What is one blog everyone should be reading right now?

I mentioned her earlier, but totally Megan Ellaby. She's just got an edge to her blog that makes her different, and if you go on her blog you'll instantly see how bloody cool she is. I aspire to be that cool.

What can we expect from Phases Of Robyn in 2017 - do you have any goals?

Might sound a bit odd but I don't set goals at all! I have a very 'go with the flow' attitude when it comes to my blog. I don't schedule posts, I just write them and plan them as-and-when. For 2017 I want to continue having mostly outfit posts, and it would be really cool to try and work with some different brands - I'm looking at some like Dorothy Perkins and ASOS. In reality, I just want to continue enjoying writing for all of my readers, and hope they still ♥ my content!

Where can you find Robyn?
Blog • Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest  YouTube

Can I have Robyn's wardrobe pretty please?

Hannah x


  1. Ah I just discovered an amazing blog thanks to you! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  2. Robyn sounds awesome! I love fashion blogs and want to try and make mine more fashion orientated but I find the difficulty in photo taking too! I'm still currently confined to my back garden on my breaks home from uni with my mum as the photographer (although she's more a family photo type photographer as oppose to a model/blogger photo photographer haha!)

    I love these posts, it's so great to get to know a bit behind a blogger and they're thoughts on all things blog! I like and agree that Robyn doesn't have a 'set' theme - I really enjoy blogs with a bit of lifestyle and I'm interested in/can relate to many mental health posts. I also share the fashion inspo! Megan Ellaby is stunning and so cool, her wardrobe and content is awesome. I also find Victoria from In the Frow amazing too!

    Can't wait to read more from Phases of Robyn now!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  3. Thanks for this babe!! Hope it gives everyone a nice little Wednesday read xxxx

  4. New blog to read! I also love Megan Ellaby, her blog and style is just fab :)


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