Pinterest Blog Prompts

Do you know what I do when I'm lacking inspiration? You guessed it, Pinterest.

It's a treasure chest of inspirational and dreamy snaps, quotes, adventures and everything in between. If I'm not pinning images of what I'd love my future home to resemble, I'm lusting over my next getaway with sandy toes and crystal waters. They may just be dreams but at least they can get us excited about something and get those ideas flowing. There will always be images that resonate with you and what better way to vent this than through a blog post.

If you're a blogger and needing a little spark of imagination, let these images do the magic for you.

I've popped a few blogging prompts underneath each pin, as an idea of what topics could surface as you're having a night time scroll through Pinterest - but remember to jot it in your notebook so you don't forget!

  • Personal style
  • Comfort vs style
  • Your favourite outfit
  • Shops you're loving right now

  • Your personal journeys
  • An experience that has changed you
  • What you have learned this year
  • Your favourite illustrators 

  • Travel
  • Your favourite places to photograph
  • Someone who you love to photograph

  • Your jewellery collection
  • How to accessorise an outfit
  • Simple outfits

  • Your favourite festive food
  • Christmas recipes
  • Festive activities

  • A book that changed you
  • How you relax and get cosy
  • Your Sunday routine
  • A book everyone should read

  • Room tour
  • Your happy space
  • The little touches you love in your home

  • Your go-to coffee shop
  • Coffee shop talks
  • Life update

  • The story behind your desk/office space
  • How to get organised
  • Interior design
  • What inspires you

  • Favourite Roald Dahl books
  • Your dreams and goals
  • Favourite quotes
  • Favourite authors

Where do you gain inspiration for your blog posts?

Hannah x


  1. Love it!!! I actually saved your link. ;)
    X finja |

  2. Pinterest is a must when I'm thinking about upcoming blog posts!

    Even if I already have an idea of what to write, I love to take a look at Pinterest. I read the different posts on the topic and that way, I know if it has already been done or if it's totally new x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  3. This is such a lovely way to share blog post ideas! I love how you've done it. I always go to Pinterest for inspiration. It's super handy xx

    Lauren |

  4. Some really good ideas here, and just at the right time! I've lost my blogging mojo a little recently, so thanks for the inspiration! x

    Martha Jane |

  5. Pinterest is a life saver but this post is a great round up to condense the many, many ideas they have floating around on there! Lily Lea


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