Stepping Outside

I love stepping outside, discovering new places and spending time with the people in life. In 2016, I felt like I didn't do this enough. That's one thing that needs to change in the new year and I can't wait to snap my way through it.

I often hear people saying you shouldn't have your camera out during these moments but some moments I want to last a lifetime. I've found a true passion for photography; I'm not great at it and I have a lot to learn but I'm always told I have "an eye for it" - and that's something I want to hold on to. 

That's why I'm beginning to shift my blog into being centred around photography. I wouldn't say I'm a great writer, it's not something which comes naturally to me, although it's something I also enjoy. I want Oh January to be a place to share my adventures through photos alongside conversation topics as that's what I enjoy creating most. I'm done with posting blog posts I'm not proud of, and uploading for the sake of it. Although I have a schedule of Wednesdays and Sundays, I'm wondering if I should only post when I'm ready. I'd love to know your thoughts on this, and how you manage your posting times.

I love dogs if you haven't noticed! Especially dogs I haven't met before, I have a guilty pleasure of capturing moments of these little bundle of joys. Who knows where they are now? Cuddled up to their owner or maybe leaping upon the sand on another sandy beach. CUTE. I've realised I haven't wrote much about my dog, Bob here on the blog and it's time for a real introduction - so stay tuned!

2016 was a year where I worked full-time in an office job. That meant limited movement and going home too tired to move from the sofa, before I knew it I turned into a chubby bunny, like seriously! A few years ago I managed to lose more than a stone in weight, but last year it all came tumbling back. Time to move it. 

Jack bought me a Fitbit for Christmas and I'm already obsessed with it, and it's got me excited to get back into fitness, healthy eating and to get those steps up. Just the motivation I need to gain a new perspective and get back out and explore - wish me luck!

Fashion is also something I want to focus on this year, whether that's finding out more about fashion stories of others or sharing my favourite style pieces. Outfit posts always go down really well on this little blog of mine, and focusing more into my personal style will be a goal of mine. 

Now time to find some killer locations!

I'm loving my jewellery at the moment and I've been lucky to work with a number of brands over the years whom I have grown a real love for. This includes Jewellery Box, I wear their rings every single day and never tire of their simplistic designs. I have also grown quite a collection of Daniel Wellington watches, including the Classic Black Sheffield watch and rose gold cuff featured above. Both accessories that add a little something extra to your outfit, their classic styles are something you can't help but fall in love with. You can also grab 15% off your orders with Daniel Wellington with the code 'JANUARY'. Yay!

Friends. Going out for a walk is definitely something we did a lot of last year but in 2017 I want to double it. Rather than going out for meals or spending money on Starbucks (I definitely won't be giving this up just yet), let's just step outside instead. The fresh air has so many benefits, not only to your physical health but your mental health too, and man I need those benefits.

My boyfriend has a Sony A6000, a camera I am seriously jealous of and steal on numerous occasions (such as this one). It takes such beautiful snaps, especially of portraits - something I absolutely love taking photos of. Not the kind where the person knows I'm snapping away, but those candid moments we can both look back on and love. It's so natural, raw and something quite special. I love taking photos of my sister, she's so photogenic and I'm not jealous at all!

What's a goal of yours for 2017?

Hannah x

*This post contains gifted items.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! x
    Morgan //

  2. I think when it comes to blogging you should always do what works best for you & share content you feel excited about :) I tried out both having a schedule & not having one and I found out that for me having one definitely works better but if it doesn't for you then you shouldn't feel like you have to stick to one. Your photography is beautiful by the way, I can't wait to see more of it x


  3. I love these photos and I think I amongst other readers will support your blog whether you keep it photography centered or continue writing! Do what works best for you because it'll turn out great <3
    One goal of mine is to keep my blogging up, write some more stories, self-publish them and do great at my internship in London :')

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  4. I totally agree with you that you should only post when you want! My number one motivation to post is when I have a bunch of great photos ready to go. Keep it up!

    xx, Pia

  5. I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for Oh January, Hannah! I've always adored your photography. I think blogs are definitely becoming more photo-centric nowadays, as a byproduct of everybody's Instagram obsession! I stopped posting to a schedule this year and it's really helped me to fall back in love with blogging. I simply post when the mood takes me and it means I've actually posted a lot more! x

  6. This is lovely, I also love taking my camera out for adventures and capturing the moments so that I can look back at my photos! I hope to expand my blog this year and really work on my business and dream goals! Wishing you all the best for 2017!

    My Lovelier Days

  7. Love these photos Hannah! I'm with you on exploring more in 2017 - give me a shout whenever you're in need of outdoor fun :) Pepper is always happy to oblige xx

  8. I do agree with you! Reading your thoughts about last year and the new one makes me think about my goals! Thank you for inspiration!

  9. I have a rough goal of posting during the first few days of the week. If I get a post out then great if not I manage to post by the end of the week. I used to put pressure on myself to post but that made blogging more of a chore/task so I decided to post when I can. For example over the holidays I just didn't have the time so I posted 1 post every ten days instead of one a week. Best is to just take it week by week =o)

  10. I love reading through posts like this, your photos are absolutely gorgeous Hannah and you definitely do have an eye for it! If you feel like posting when you're ready to, go for it - whatever makes you happy!

    Lucy | Forever September

  11. This post is so flippin floppin effortless and perfevt. I absolutely love it and cannot wait for all your lovely posts this year sweet pea :) Happy New Year! :) Xx

  12. Lovely photos. I liked what you said about wanting to capture the moments to last a lifetime. That's what photography is all about, it is there for us to look back at and remember the memory. Good luck with your goals for 2017!

    Natasha x

  13. This is such a lovely post, your photos are just beautiful. Life is definitely about capturing moments - looking forward to seeing the ones you share here on your blog!


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