Do You Need To Be Good At Photography To Be A Great Blogger?

The thing about blogging is that it's your content - yours! You completely decide what you post, create and curate. It's that simple. As long as you enjoy the process, you're on to a winner. 

I read a complete mixture of blogs, from photography blogs sharing dreamy snaps, to lifestyle bloggers posting a simple snap of their day while also having a little chat. Each single one I love, for their own individual reasons and mainly because that blogger is just doing what they love. Of course, I love scrolling through picture perfect posts but I also love blogs that focus on writing over photography just as much.

Blurry photo alert.

Jack and I went out for an evening walk and thought we'd also take the camera and tripod along with us. Photography is certainly an interest of mine and I'm slowly but surely learning, thanks to the main man. We drove to McDonald's, grabbed a toffee latte and headed for a little spot beside the sea. 

It was dark. Like really dark and super chilly, so obviously these photos were a challenge. I'm not overly impressed by these snaps, however it's a good memory to document; we were experimenting with a fairly new camera but it was also a great chance to get out of the house.

I absolutely LOVE scrolling through those 'magazine' style posts but I also fall in love with natural and raw shots of the outside, cups of coffee and daily snippets.

These clean, white and flawless photos are often those featured in popular blogs, which then makes you feel like you should be living up to that expectation. In my opinion, the most important thing is that you remain authentic. Stick to what you enjoy; whether that's writing, photography, storytelling, documenting art - you name it. Don't get caught up in the negatives, just do your thang!

Jack's Outfit

Coat - Topman | Scarf - Topman | Hat - Watershed | Jeans - Topman | Shirt - Topman | Shoes - ASOS | Daniel Wellington Watch* - get 15% off with the code 'JANUARY'.

He is basically a walking Topman!

Do you feel that there's an expectation of your content as a blogger?

Hannah x

*This post contains a gifted item.


  1. This is a lovely post - I sometimes feel like I should up my photography game and go with the style that other bloggers have (white aesthetic, perfectly positioned flatlays etc.) and get a wildly expensive camera but tbh I love raw photography like Instagram shots and even film photography, and that's my style which is OK. I think you have to do you and that's that, uniqueness and loving what you do is all that matters!

    Kate /

  2. Loved reading this post Hannah! As somebody that has blogged for 7 years and quite dramatically lost their footing in the blogging 'game', I'm hyper-aware of my approach towards blogging in that I still love sharing candid, of-the-moment, unedited and raw photographs alongside prettier, styled photos. I think I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never be that cookie cutter blogger, I've never been cookie cutter anything in my lifestyle and I still struggle to feel represented in the media, but that's ok! The magic in blogging is that there's no set formula, everybody creates their own blogging style that eventually makes them recognised as 'them'.

    PS. I bloody love your blog xx

  3. Thanks for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading!

  4. I just started blogging and it's a little intimidating but I feel as though as bloggers we should pave our own path. Photography isn't everything. And sometimes low quality images have a likeliness about them that adds a bit more personality than just an average flat lay. xo

    McKenzie |

  5. I couldn't agree with you more! Blogging, it feels, has become some sort of competition and its kind of disheartening. I've only started blogging two years ago and I already notice such a change in that short amount of time. There is still plenty of support in the community but for the most part I just don't see it.
    & I agree with you. I love looking at perfectly snapped photos but I love good old chatty blog posts just as much!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  6. I feel there's an expectation to an extent, but at the same time there's no way I'll be living up to that, as I just can't see myself doing things the ways so many others do. I like my photography, many people know that, but currently I have my iPhone and a film camera (which I'm yet to get any film developed from because I'm silly), and for me, that's the way I storytell. Through those, and my words and hope people relate to them!

    I can't do something just because everyone else is. I never have, and never will. It's just who I am.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  7. I feel like I used to put a lot of pressure on myself because I thought that in order to call myself a blogger photography is something I should enjoy too when in reality it's just not my thing. Now I know that's totally okay. I'm not a photographer and that's okay. I don't think there should be certain expectations or rules when it comes to blogging, as long as you love what you're doing you're doing everything right :) On my blog I focus on my writing, others focus more on photography. There's nothing wrong with that x


  8. This is such a good post, and honestly, i've never thought about how each blog supports their own style. For me i always try to put the best out there and keep learning, but there's a beauty in raw photography as well that i'm slowly learning to love!

  9. It depends on your audience! Hiring a photographer could help. As a bloger you always have the feedback of your readers. This can tell you if and how to change!

  10. Mmm toffee late!! And I don't always get my photos perfect neither especially when the frickin lighting is shitty or the sun isn't out lol but I don't really care anymore my content is what my readers love, good photos is just a bonus! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from

  11. I'm just starting out again, since the last time I blogged properly was back when the quality of photos didn't really matter! Now I feel like there is a lot to live up to and it definitely limits the type of thing I feel like I can post. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. I had a moment I questioned if I was a good blogger because I forgot my camera battery back at home during one of my last trips. Instead I turned the situation around and took photos with my phone instead and they turned out much better than I had anticipated =o)


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