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I LOVE these features, not only do I get to know my favourite bloggers a little more - you all can see how amazing they are too. I'm all about finding brand new blogs to discover, but often we forget about the person behind the blog. 

What are their passions outside of blogging, what do they do for a living - are they cat or a dog person? You get the picture.

Today we're chatting to Katy, from Katy Belle. Girl, her blog is filled with inspiration, fashion talk and not to mention - I'm totally in love with the new blog design. Now, for the juicy bit...

Hey Katy, tell us more about your blog Katy Belle and how it all started.

Hey there! Well, after reading blogs for a number of years I finally decided to bite the bullet and start curating my own. It originally started as a beauty blog, and it took me quite a while to start taking it seriously, but it has since evolved into more of a lifestyle blog that covers a variation of topics such as my journey through discovering my personal style, life lessons that I've learned as a twenty-something, beauty, music and more.

What was your main influence in starting a blog?

Other bloggers! Back in the day, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the likes of Llymlrs, Thunder and Threads, Zoe London, Samantha Maria - to name but a few. A few of my friends had also started their own blogs which I thought was amazing - and, one day, it eventually clicked. If they could do, why couldn't I?

A congrats is in order! How did it feel to be awarded Best Newcomer in the Bloggers Blog Awards?

Oh, thank you so much! Honestly, I was absolutely over the moon to know that even ONE person had nominated me (thanks, mum!), let alone a bunch of people! So being shortlisted and eventually winning was totally overwhelming. At the end of the day, I write my blog for me - I just love curating content. To know that other people also enjoy the content I put out never ceases to totally warm my heart. I'm just still sad I couldn't make it to the actual ceremony!

Tell us a little more about what you get up to behind the blog!

I work full-time as a digital marketing manager for a really great, small company. I thoroughly enjoy my work, but it can be pretty stressful sometimes. A lot of my spare time is taken up by my blog, otherwise I'm usually hanging out with my other half (when we get the rare day off together). We're big music lovers and movie fanatics, so we're always attending gigs and seeing films.

I love your posts on personal style, what would you say your main fashion inspirations are?

Thank you so much! That truly means a lot - style content is by far my favourite content to create and share at the moment, however, I do feel as though I'm very much still finding my feet with it. Honestly, I get style inspiration from so many different avenues and my style can really vary so much. At the moment, I'm getting constant inspiration from fellow blogger Rae from Love From Berlin. I ADORE her style.

What's one song you can't stop listening to right now?

Oh god, picking just one is so hard. For like a year now I've been really into a band called Pinegrove. I'm literally obsessed with their music and probably listen to it on the daily. Their song 'Visiting' is one that I like to listen to a lot.

What would your perfect Sunday involve?

Sundays are the perfect days for relaxing, so mine would probably start out with an early morning walk along the beach with my other half. There's nothing quite as tranquil as walking along the beach on an early morning! Then we'd get home and have a delicious breakfast/brunch. Then we'd probably drag the duvet down to the sofa and watch a ton of our favourite movies. And obviously, the perfect Sunday wouldn't be complete without ordering a pizza...

What's one blog we should all be reading right now?

Okay, I know I've already mentioned Rae, but seriously, Love From Berlin is by far my favourite blog at the moment. As well, I'm really loving Fashion Slave and The Little Plum.

What's your favourite social media platform?

I'd have to say Instagram. Sometimes I get really fed up with it, what with the algorithm, the constant following/unfollowing, the frustration of curating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing theme... but regardless, I am a very visual person. I could spend hours aimlessly scrolling through the explore page on Instagram finding a ton of inspiration.

Have you learned anything about yourself by starting a blog?

That I'm very, very self-critical and I get frustrated easily... granted, not the best of things to learn about yourself, but I'm working on it!

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Again, I'd probably have to say 'Visiting' by Pinegrove. Not only is it my favourite song at the moment, but it might just be one of my favourite songs ever, and it has some really great memories attached to it. So I'd be happy to hear that for the rest of my days!

What's your favourite high street store?

I am completely and utterly obsessed with Pull & Bear at the moment. For years, it was a store that I didn't think twice about. But their range has been blowing my mind lately, and it's all so affordable!

Your photography is beautiful, what are your secrets and what's your favourite thing to capture.

Thank you so much! Honestly, I probably have my other half to thank for most of the more beautiful photography on my blog - he's very talented! Personally, I love taking photos of greenery. And, as soppy as it sounds, I love capturing photos of my other half.

What's more important to you, comfort or style?

Comfort all the way! If I'm not comfortable, I'm not happy, and it's never worth it. Ha!

Do you think living in Belfast has influenced your blog in any way?

I don't necessarily think so. However, I would like to start sharing more Belfast-related content, like places to visit, restaurants that I love, as well as talk about some local businesses.

Finally, what's something we should all be looking out for on Katy Belle in 2017?

There's no one thing in particular, but overall I am just going to put much more effort into my blog this year, more so than ever before. I hope to share a lot more style content and delve much further into my personal style, so hopefully that should be a pretty exciting journey. As well, I'm very much considering starting a Youtube channel before the year draws to a close. But we'll see how that one goes.

Where can you find Katy?

Blog • Twitter • Instagram  Facebook 

What blogger would you like to get to know more? Tell me below!

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