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I've read Kotryna's blog for the longest time, and she never fails to inspire me. Whether that's through outfit posts or sharing her knowledge on branding and website design. Every post is engaging and unique, showing off Kotryna's enthusiasm and personality. I'm always in awe of people who work for themselves, it shows drive and makes you realise hard work can really pay off. If you want to improve your blog in any way, gain ideas or simply up your game - you know where to go. Oh, and if you want a little template re-design, Kotryna's your gal.

I invited Kotryna over on the blog to do a little 'Meet The Blogger' interview. The feature is a chance to find out a little bit more about the person behind the blog, to find out how it all started and get an insight into any tips and tricks they may have. 

Hi Kotryna, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to start a blog.

I’m a 25-year-old solopreneur & the owner of My blog is all about my journey through my twenties as I experiment with my personal style, discover my passions, travel the world and, most importantly, build my business from scratch. I originally started my blog to update my friends & family on my travels. Little did I know it one day will grow into my own personal brand.

Tell us about your life as a freelancer - how did you know it was the right time to go solo?

I didn't, to be honest it all kind of just happened to me. I started offering my services as a blog designer + blogger while I was still studying at the university. To my surprise, by the time I was about to graduate I was already making enough money doing what I love the most- blogging & helping other bloggers create beautiful online spaces. I felt so, so blessed.

Where did you passion for website design stem from?

Back when I started blogging, I hated all the blog templates blogspot had to offer and used my knowledge in web design to create my own. Soon enough, other bloggers started contacting me asking who designed my blog and how can they get the same theme for themselves. I was beyond excited to start offering my services and even did quite a few sites for free or for a few dollars. Surprisingly, this is how I fell in love with web design all over again and it’s been a real roller coaster since then.

I absolutely love your OOTDs, how did you find your personal style and what inspires you?

I'm still on the journey of finding my personal style and to be honest, I don't believe it will ever end. I go through different phases every season. This is what I love about fashion- we get to express our feelings and passions through the way we dress and it's so fascinating. I mostly get inspired by other bloggers and people around me.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram! Absolutely! Mainly because I love photography so much.

You sometimes post about your travels, where's your favourite place you have visited?

A couple of years ago me and my fiance spent 5 weeks travelling around New Zealand and till this day it's my favourite memories ever.

I adore the aesthetic of your Instagram feed, what's your one tip for someone wanting to up their game?

Invest into a great camera and learn how to use it!!

What is one blog post you're proud of and why?

How to Feel Confident About Your Blog - I personally feel like this post just had to be written. I talk a lot about success and how exciting it is to work as a blogger, but let's be honest - we all doubt ourselves from time to time and I wanted to be transparent with my audience about this.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work for themselves?

Just go for it, work your butt off and believe in yourself! If I can do it - so can you!

What's one blog everyone should read right now?

Local Milk Blog - I adore Elizabeth's aesthetics and enthusiasm in everything she does.

Where can you find Kotryna?

Blog  Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • Pinterest

Hannah x


  1. What a beautiful interview! I'm discovering another great blog thanks to you x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  2. Thank you for this really inspirational interview! I'm a big fan of Kotryna and it's great to get to know her a little more through her answers to your questions. :)
    Peta xx

  3. I love this series! I've followed Kotryna for the longest time now and I can never get enough of her overall aesthetic. She's such an inspiring lady! Loved reading this interview. And her photos are absolutely beautiful, my god.

    Katy / Katy Belle

  4. Lovely series! Gorgeous photos too, will be checking her out <3
    Morgan //


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