22 January 2017

Sunday Favourites

My head hurts, I've got a chesty cough, wrapped up in a new Topshop grey scarf with my snuggie and Big Brother on in the background. But there's so much to be happy about, and here are just of few reasons.


Cheers to the freakin' weekend. 

Lazy mornings with coffee in hand, blankets, wrapping yourself silly, exploring, binge-watching TV and eating coco pops. That's what I'm talking about. 

I am a firm lover of the weekend, but who isn't? This weekend we ate Dominos, slept in, went to Falmouth with a few friends and walked from Gylly towards Maenporth. Then we ended it the best way possible - with an unreal sunset. 

La La Land - duh

I'm still not over this film - it was SO emotional and beautiful! It kind of came out of nowhere, but as soon as I watched the trailer I couldn't wait to see it. Ryan Gosling paired with Emma Stone is just the most dreamy duo and made the film so magical. The cinematography, music and whole production completely captures your heart. And if you're anything like me, you'll come out of the cinema sobbing all the way home. But don't worry - it's worth it. Also, like pretty much everyone - I've been having the Spotify playlist on repeat every single damn day.

Booking a holiday

We're going to Croatia! This is the first year where we have booked a holiday so far in advance and I cannot wait. It's also the first time Jack and I are off with friends - so sorry in advance if we're a nightmare Harv and Nik. The thing is we were all pretty indecisive; after a week or so searching the internet for the best deals and places to go, we just couldn't decide. We went to Thomson and spoke to a travel agent and it was such a good call; I'd definitely recommend doing this rather than spending hours looking on the internet. We looked at a few places including Greece, Portugal and Italy but we finally decided on Croatia and well, yayay!

Big Brother - squirms.

Sorry but this is my ultimate guilty pleasure! My excuse is, I studied psychology and it's basically a social experiment and I just love seeing how people react being trapped inside a house. This year's is hilarious, I don't like a single one of them but I just can't look away.

The OA

If you're in need of something to binge watch, The OA is the one. I was so obsessed with this sci-fi series, it has you completely hooked. Jack and I finished it pretty quickly, it was so intense and the storyline is so good - it's like nothing I have ever watched, combining fantasy and supernatural elements. You literally have no idea what's happening or if anything is really how it seems. I'm not going to say anything more than that, because it's one of those shows that you just need to experience yourself.

The Boardmasters line up

Although I have always lived in Cornwall, I've never been to Boardmasters - hangs my head in shame. But once I saw that Two Door Cinema Club and Alt-J will be headlining, well, things got exciting. I'm not sure whether to get a day or weekend ticket, but we'll see.

What are your current faves?

Hannah x


  1. Lovely photos! Have a lovely evening! <3


  2. Ooh ooh ooh where you going to in Croatia?? How exciting!! I've downloaded the entire OA series to watch on the flight back from Mexico hehe looking forward to it! Xx

    1. Pula! Need to low down next time I see you, and will be re-watching your vlog to get me even more excited! You will love The OA, and hope you're having an amazing holiday - it looks so beautiful! x

  3. YES YES YES LA LA LANNND. Oh my I am obsessed with that movie. It was so gorgeous and the story was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. And yes, I have been listening to the soundtrack constantly! I have heard mixed things about the OA, I don't even really know what it's about but I'm intrigued. Perhaps I should give it a go!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I still haven't watched La La Land! I keep hearing so many good things about it


  5. I keep hearing people rave about The OA! Its been sitting on my watch list for a while now. Definitely going to have to try it out!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  6. I'm desperate to see La La Land! x
    Sophie Cliff

  7. Aw these photos are so nice! Aw I'm yet to hear anything bad about La La Land, so keen to see that. I hope you have a lovely time in Croatia!


  8. Lovely pictures! :-) I wasn't bothered about seeing La La Land but got dragged to see it by my mum and totally fell in love with it. I sobbed like an idiot all the way through Mia's audition song!

  9. Yes to La La Land! This movie blew my mind x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  10. How exciting you are going to Croatia! I had a relaxing weekend binge watching on netflix and just enjoying some down time =o)


  11. I really want to see La La Land, though it's got very mixed reviews!! We've also been watching the OA but it really is so weird! I haven't got that into it yet, even 3 episodes in! Then again, I'm not very good with sci-fi, though I do want to finish it as I'd like to know what it's actually all about! Alice xxx


  12. Yaaasss La La Land was amazing right? Best film I've seen in a long time <3
    your blog is amazing by the way girl, literally binge reading all your posts atm hehe x
    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  13. Id love to go to Croatia, it looks like an amazing place and will be so good in the summer! I went to see T2 Trainspotting which I loved but I fancy La La Land too! Amazing photography btw!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five


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