11 February 2017

10 Life Changing Lists To Help You Slow Down


1 February 2017

8 Bucket List Destinations

Who doesn't love travelling? It's a chance to escape, soak up the sun, experience new cultures, meet new people and have brand new adventures.

Today I wanted to share with you some amazing travel destinations that are on my bucket list - and maybe you can add them to yours too!


I've been wanting to go to Budapest for so long now, this European city in Hungary really appeals to me due to its architecture, landscapes and rich history. It's a city where River Danube connects Buda with Pest, a place of natural thermal baths, historical buildings such as the Hungarian National Parliament building which is the largest in Europe, the Royal Palace and dreamy parks. It seems like the most perfect weekend getaway.

It's even nicknamed Paris of the East - which means anyone is bound to fall in love with this travel destination.

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Northern Europe is somewhere I'm yet to step foot, excluding the UK of course and I'm hoping that changes soon. But there's one problem - it's just so expensive! Norway is top of my list, mainly for the jaw-dropping landscapes on offer. In cities such as Oslo, you can combine the city element with natural trails and adventure through the mountains and forests. Not to mention, you may catch sight of the Northern Lights, something I am dying to experience in my lifetime.

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Personally, I think Thailand is a place to experience while you're young. So I better get planning.

I could scroll through those photos of white sandy beaches and glistening clear blue waters all day long. This destination in Southeast Asia is one I'd love to experience. It's famous for its diving, delicious food and parties. It's a huge travel choice for young travellers and is it any wonder with a number of amazing experiences on offer. Whether you want to go island hopping, go to a full moon party or simply soak up the rays on a sandy beach, the choice is yours.

Who wouldn't want to be here right now...


The thing about Australia, is that it is so big that you will probably need a month spare to really make the most of it. A couple of my friends have been out there; one spending three months exploring and the other has been living out there for nearly two years now.

I have to say, I'm incredibly jealous. It looks BEAUTIFUL, and the culture is one that is really appealing. The views are insane, the cities look phenomenal, the wildlife seems a little scary for my liking but I'd risk it, the Great Barrier Reef needs to be checked off that list and we can't forget about the weather.


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In 2015 I was lucky enough to do a road trip across America. It was the most spectacular trip, where I met some amazing people from all over the world. We started in New York and ended up in San Francisco, gah it was something else. If you want to know more, you can read my travel diaries.

So, Canada - one thing is for sure this destination has so much to offer. With insane wilderness of forests, clear lakes and mountains, what's not to love? There's also some incredible cities to discover such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and the capital city Ottawa - the scenery is something special with towering buildings with mountains in the distance.

It's the second largest country on the planet and I want a piece of it!

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The Pacific coast, ancient pyramids and food to make you dribble -  that's what I'm talking about. This destination is certainly one to find relaxation and tranquility, and apparently, Mexicans are super friendly - so that's a bonus.

Just check out Anna from The Cornish Life's recent post, where she travelled to Riviera Maya - this has totally sealed the deal. I mean, she swam with turtles! Could it get better than that?

New Zealand

New Zealand is a place for adventure alright. It's the perfect destination to hire a campervan and travel for miles experiencing epic lakes, waterfalls and mountains. Or perhaps live it up in cities of Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington or Queenstown. Bungee jump anyone?

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Aloha. AloYES please. I don't know what it is about Hawaii, but it looks like a dreamland, an absolute paradise I'm dying to get a taste of. There are six islands to discover, with white sands, amazing wildlife, and a chance to relax or a place of adventure. If I had to choose one dream honeymoon destination, this would be it!

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This post is in collaboration with Planet Cruise and all wanderlust thoughts are my own!

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