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I'm back with the series 'Meet The Blogger' and today I'd like to introduce you to Michelle, the creator of Daisybutter. It's a beautiful blog, filled with stunning photography and lifestyle snippets. Whether it's an outfit post, a delicious new recipe to try or thoughts on a particular event, there's always something enjoyable to read when you head back for more. So, let's get right into it, and find out a little bit more about Michelle.

Hi Michelle, tell us a little bit more about Daisybutter and how it all began!

Hello! Daisybutter is my University lovechild, the product of having read blogs since around 2007/8 and creating a magazine for a college project about them, coupled with feeling lost with my own way of writing whilst studying fashion journalism at Uni. It pretty much began whilst I procrastinated writing an art history essay; a few clicks of Blogger and a hastily penned post and so began Daisybutter! Over the years that ensued, I’ve devoted my blog to being a journal of sorts, an honest look into the everyday life of a dreamer who’s meandering her way through her twenties.

I always enjoy your 'Sundaze' series, what was the inspiration behind this?

Thank you! My Sundaze series is something I genuinely look forward to writing every week. It’s a round-up of my week along with links that I’ve loved that week. I suppose my inspiration behind it stems from my love for Sundays and how I used to wake up each Sunday morning with messy hair, a messy heart and several glossy fashion magazines to pore over before padding barefoot downstairs for some breakfast. It’s no secret by now that fashion magazines are lesser-picked up and so Sundaze is my offering to end-of-weekend reading.

Have you learned much about yourself since starting a blog?

This is an odd one because I feel like I’ve grown up with my blog and I couldn’t quite picture myself without Daisybutter as an entity today! After all, I began writing it aged 18 and I’ve just turned 26 now. I’ve learned that I’m an introvert through and through and that it’s fine to be. I’ve learned that I’m no unreasonable for always having felt out of place and utterly underrepresented as a Chinese female. The blogosphere is so progressive sometimes that it truly amazes me.

Name three things you're obsessed with right now!

Riverdale, Youjo Senki and searching for the perfect pair of blush pink mules.

Your photography is beautiful, have you got any tips?

I always struggle to offer tips with photography as I don’t see myself as an expert, but I suppose my main one would be to keep it authentic and tell your story through the shot. Anybody can pick up their camera or phone and snap a shot of the Eiffel Tower for example, but really try and capture that precise moment and why you decided to shoot at that moment. On a more practical level, a great tip to bring more light to your subject is to make sure the light/sun is behind you and/or the lens. Works a treat every time - especially for selfies! Also, colour! I always make photobooks out of my holiday photos and I’m obsessed with my Instagram grid: the key to creating a unified look is to match up colour accents from frame to frame.

You live in London, what's your favourite thing about living there?

I actually live in a small town in North Hertfordshire but my home is just a 20-minute train ride into Central London. My favourite part of living in my hometown is that I get the best of both worlds: it’s full of great shops but my house itself is on the outskirts of town meaning I get breathtaking views, fresh air and some semblance of countryside living.

What's your favourite lifestyle topic to chat about over on the blog?

My favourite things to blog about nowadays are everyday diaries and sharing honest topics. I’ve always been more of a feature writer than a news writer, even at Uni and I like continuing that theme on my blog. I share a lot of weightier posts full of the trials and tribulations of being a twenty-something and offer an insight into getting up the career ladder in a non-traditional way: I currently run my own business as a freelance copywriter as well as running my new online shop, Honey + Chai.

Ok, we need to talk about your dog Milo! Tell us a little bit about him and can we see your favourite photo of him?

Isn’t he the best?! Milo is my adorable pup. He’s a Maltese Shih Tzu cross, an absolute terror and angel rolled into one, and he’s just over a year old now. We introduced him into the Chai clan in April 2016 and he’s totally completed our family. He loves the outdoors and can often be found sunbathing in the garden most mornings instead of getting on with his business, a huge fan of bananas and his raccoon toy and he always naps with his chin resting on some part of me.

If you could pick one social media platform, which one would it be?

It’d have to be Instagram! Even with all of its shortcomings, I love being able to visually delve into a complete stranger’s life or flick through the #catsofinstagram hashtag or curate a mini gallery peek into my own life. I love the idea of microblogging too and using the #littlestoriesofmylife hashtag to craft more of a story through captions.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

Curled up in my room reading blogs or hanging out with Mr. Milo himself in a sunny pub garden. He loves meeting people and being fussed over!

Name one blog everyone should be reading right now!

I’m really enjoying Mariannan at the moment! Her home is just beautiful and Marianna herself has such a warm and sunny outlook on life.

Favourite travel destination?

My boyfriend and I visited Bali last year and fell in LOVE. I think Bali, for sure. Give me a Bintang and bowl of mee goreng on the beach any day!

What's your favourite fashion accessory and why?

If you spend more than just 10 minutes on my blog, you’ll realise that I have a little bit of a handbag obsession. I just can’t get enough of them! My Mum taught me the importance of a great handbag and how it adds just the right elegance to an outfit if chosen properly and I live to create the perfect collection!

Custard creams or bourbons?

Bourbons. 100% bourbons.

What's one hobby you enjoy doing the most?

Blogging has become such an intrinsic part of my everyday life now that I can’t even file it under a hobby. I think I’d have to say barre! I took it up in January and am newly obsessed.

Where do you see your blog in five years?

I’d hope to still be writing honest and authentic peeks into my everyday life. In 5 years I suppose there’s a very real chance that a Daisybaby would be on the scene along with my dream farmhouse kitchen, little cats to Instagram and a lively following. I’d love my blog to gain a little more traction and become somewhat of a voice for British-born Chinese women, too.

Where can you find Michelle?
Blog  Twitter • Instagram  Facebook YouTube  Pinterest

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  1. This is so great - I'm loving this series :)

    xx Hannah

  2. I love your Sundaze series! // haha funny that you mentioned the pink mules. Congrats on finding them! // My mom's accessory of choice is handbags as well :P She is very intent on me starting my collection... But I'm scared of getting into this luxury lifestyle?? // I've been blogging since I was 17, and I'm 20 now! Hopefully I'll be able to say that I'm still blogging when I'm 26 :D I can't imagine not blogging :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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