Reactions Of A Coffee Drinker

That morning cup of coffee

Finding out that the squad needs coffee, stat

Realising not one person in the office has done a coffee run all day

When your friend orders an iced coffee right in front of you

Watching someone add sugar to their coffee... all kinds of nope

When someone BURNS your latte

When it finally kicks in 

When someone hands you a coffee out of nowhere

When you really think about how much you love coffee

A coffee drinker in their natural habitat

When a fellow coffee addict is having withdrawals

Finding out there's no coffee in the cupboard

The release of your inner coffee snob

The dreaded shakes

When someone has a coffee and you don't

Realising you've only had 2 cups of coffee that day 

Latte art that ticks all the boxes

That dreaded gulp of cold coffee... 

When it's just you and your coffee against the world

And finally, hearing that someone you've known for a while doesn't like coffee

Hannah x


  1. Hahaha absolutely love this post! Can relate to basically everything :D

    Love, Kerstin

  2. Ahaha I laughed out loud at the 'finding out there's no coffee in the cupboard' one xD This is me every time. xx

  3. So funny! Though I do often drink the last bit of my coffee cold at work each morning, it's ok in my mind because I take it black and it's then just like iced coffee! Alice xxx

  4. Hahaha love this! I am drinking a cup of coffee as I read this =o)


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