1 May 2017

Sofar Sounds - The Secret Gig Near You

Sofar Sounds, intimate gigs, happening all around the world.

I can't believe I have never known about Sofar Sounds* until this year... it's an amazing concept where people attend an intimate gig in special locations. It could be up on a rooftop in New York, someone's living room in Berlin or hidden in an old bakery studio in Truro... yes, something is actually happening in little old Cornwall!

It started back in 2010 by two brothers who were fed up of attending noisy gigs. So they set up Sofar Sounds, as a way to bring music lovers together and discover new live music in a unique setting, where they can simply sit and listen, forgetting everything else.

Right now they have 309 cities taking part - is yours?

I was invited along to review the gig and I was seriously excited to experience Sofar Sounds for myself. My boyfriend also came along as we are both huge indie music fans. We love a good gig, but recently I've found the whole concert vibe a little claustrophobic, not to mention all of the standing and waiting around. Here in Cornwall, I'm so glad we get a slice of this.

How it works...

You sign up for your nearest location, buy tickets for the upcoming event and the day before you get an email directing you to the secret location. It really feels like your part of some kind of undercover cult, which I'm totally into. 

We arrived, parked up, stepped out and ran to the entrance through the pouring rain. We were greeted by a very nice chap who ticked us off of the list and invited us through to a dim room. Seats were arranged in front of the stage and fairy lights in bottles were placed upon tables, the atmosphere was different, but the good kind. It wasn't crowded, it wasn't loud and I remember we were both a little anxious to see who would be performing.

Heading to the bar, we grabbed a drink and found a seat at the back and soon enough I whipped out a blanket and got cosy. It was all very chilled and before we knew it, the first act started playing. It was silent, with all the focus on that one singer or band - something I had not experienced before. A totally new way to see live music, which I would definitely recommend if you love discovering new music. 

Before the gig, I didn't have huge expectations as of course, you have no idea who will be playing but all of the musicians were absolutely incredible! What a night, something new and different that I can't wait to do again.

Until next time Sofar Sounds Truro, it was a pleasure x

*A huge thank you to Jodie for inviting me along to attend and review this awesome gig.

Have you attended a Sofar Sounds? If so, tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Hannah x


  1. Sounds like such a great idea! Definitely going to keep my eye out for events near me. xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  2. Ooo nice to keep notice of events around my area x


  3. Oh I love love love Sofar <3 <3 So 2017 isn't it? I wonder if our parents know these sort of gigs are going on... hehe


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