18 November 2017

A Secret Cove

Raincoats are out.

Is there anything better than finding a secret spot of your own? This beach is hidden along the North Cliffs in Cornwall and there's something about this rugged coast that I absolutely love. The cove is a little bit of a mission to get to, with small paths and overgrown branches - but boy is it worth it.

Once we jumped off the final step, we were on the smooth sand with nothing but the sound of waves around us. We kind of sat there for a while, a blanket would have been a fine choice but nevermind - we perched on a rock, took in the views and then had a little wander along the rock pools and in the caves. We've been down here a few times now, we've spotted seals and apparently, it's actually a nudist beach too.

There are so many coves in Cornwall, but finding one which not many people know about is kind of special. This year I've hardly been swimming in the sea, so next year this will definitely be one to dive into and maybe a cheeky bbq with some friends, even if getting down there is eventful!

And the exact location? That would be telling!

Hannah x


  1. it sounds amazing! I just found the perfect raincoat, only the secret spot is missing haha
    xx Lena

  2. I can see why you want to keep it a secret =o) It looks like a slice of heaven!


  3. This looks glorious! May have to pay it a visit!

    Rosie | wearsrosie.com

  4. Beautiful photos! This looks like such a wonderful spot for exploring, I love little hidden adventures on a beach. xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine


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